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SAMSUNG TM1240 (AA59-00741A) original remote control

TM1240 (AA59-00741A) original remote control

Reference: TM1240 (AA59-00741A)
Other names: AA5900741A
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Original remote control TM1240 (AA59-00741A) used for televisions for the brand Samsung.

This remote control offers integral functionality to control all the functions of your Samsung TV. Adjust the volume, switch channels, and carry out other operations effortlessly.

Also, take advantage of the remote control's functionality to directly access the applications on the smart TV, such as Media.

This Samsung remote control features a unique and exclusive design, characteristic of the brand's original models.

The raised dots on certain keys help individuals with visual impairments or in low-light environments use the keys more easily and accurately. They are typically located on key buttons like the central number (5) and function keys to facilitate their identification and usage.


Brand: Samsung
Remote controls Samsung
The remote control is carefully shipped protected in a special packaging along with the necessary batteries (if requested). The shipment is fast and secure, ensuring that it arrives at your hands within the indicated delivery time. Additionally, you will receive the convenience of having your invoice sent directly to your email. Your shopping experience will be impeccable from the very beginning!

Some of the models that use this remote are

Samsung AA 59-00602 A
Samsung HS03 (UE32F5000AWXXH)
Samsung LA32D550K7M
Samsung LA32E420E2MXXY
Samsung LE19D450G1WXBT
Samsung LE19D450G1WXXC
Samsung LE19D450G1WXZF
Samsung LE19D450G1WXZG
Samsung LE22D450G1WXXH
Samsung LE22D450G1WXZT
Samsung LE26D450G1W/XZF
Samsung LE26D450G1WXZG
Samsung LE32C630K1WXXC
Samsung LE32D400E1W XXH
Samsung LE32D400E1WXXC
Samsung LE32D400E1WXXN
Samsung LE32D400E1WXZF
Samsung LE32D403E2WXXC
Samsung LE32D450 (LE32D450G1WXXC)
Samsung LE32D450G1W (LE32D450G1WXZF)
Samsung LE32D450G1WXXN
Samsung LE32D450G1WXZG
Samsung LE32D450G1WXZT
Samsung LE32D455G1WXXE
Samsung LE32D550K1WXXH
Samsung LE32D578K2SXZG
Samsung LE32D579K2SXZG
Samsung LE32E420E2WXZF
Samsung LE37D550K1WXXN
Samsung LE37D550K1WXZG
Samsung LE37D555K1WXXE
Samsung LE37D579K2SXZG
Samsung LE40D503
Samsung LE40D503F7W
Samsung LE40D550K1WXXC
Samsung LE40D550K1WXZF
Samsung LE40D550K1WXZG
Samsung LE40D555K1WXXE
Samsung LE40D570
Samsung LE40D579K2SXZG
Samsung LE40D585K2KXXE
Samsung LE46D550K1WXZG
Samsung LT22A300EW / EN
Samsung LT24D310ESEN
Samsung LT24D310EWEN
Samsung LT24E310EWEN
Samsung LT24E310EXXE
Samsung LT27A300EW / EN
Samsung LT27C350EW/EN
Samsung LT28D310ES/EN
Samsung LT28D310EW/EN
Samsung LT28E310EWEN
Samsung LT28E310EX/EN
Samsung LT28E310EX/XE
Samsung LT31D310EX / EN
Samsung LT32E310EWEN
Samsung LT32E310EX/XE
Samsung LT32E316EXQ/EN
Samsung PE43H4500AKXUZ
Samsung PE43H4500AW
Samsung PE43H4500AWXXH
Samsung PE43H4500AWXXU
Samsung PE43H4500AWXZG
Samsung PE51H4500AWXZG
Samsung PS 43 E 450
Samsung PS 50 C 670 G 3 SXXC
Samsung PS 50 C 678 G 3 SXZG
Samsung PS 51 D 450 A 2 W
Samsung PS 51 E 450
Samsung PS 51 F 4500
Samsung PS43D450A2WXBT
Samsung PS43D450A2WXXC
Samsung PS43D450A2WXXH
Samsung PS43D450A2WXXN
Samsung PS43D450A2WXXU
Samsung PS43D450A2WXZF
Samsung PS43D450A2WXZG
Samsung PS43E450A1MPXD
Samsung PS43E450A1WXMS
Samsung PS43E450A1WXZG
Samsung PS43F4500
Samsung PS43F4500 (PS43F4500AWXZG)
Samsung PS43F4500AWXBT
Samsung PS43F4500AWXXN
Samsung PS43F4500AWXZF
Samsung PS43F4500AWXZT
Samsung PS43F4505AWXXE
Samsung PS51D450
Samsung PS51D450A2WXXC
Samsung PS51D450A2WXXH
Samsung PS51D450A2WXXN
Samsung PS51D450A2WXZF
Samsung PS51D450A2WXZG
Samsung PS51D530A5WXXC
Samsung PS51E530A3WXZF
Samsung PS51F4500AWXXH
Samsung PS51F4500AWXXN
Samsung PS51F4500AWXZF
Samsung PS51F4500AWXZG
Samsung PS51F5000AWXXN
Samsung PS51F5000AWXZG
Samsung PS59D530A5WXZF
Samsung PS60E530A3WXXC
Samsung PS60E530A3WXZF
Samsung PS60F5000AWXXH
Samsung PS64F5000AWXXH
Samsung PS64F5000AWXZG
Samsung T 24 D 310 ES
Samsung T 28 D 310 EW
Samsung T 32 E 310 EX
Samsung T24E310
Samsung T24E310EI (LT24E310EI/EN)
Samsung T24E310EX (LT24E310EX/EN)
Samsung T24E310EX (LT24E310EX/XU)
Samsung T24E310EX (LT24E310EXQXE)
Samsung T32E310EW
Samsung T32H390FEV (LT32H390FEVXEN)
Samsung UA32EH4003WXAB
Samsung UA32EH5000WXJG
Samsung UA40EH5000WXJG
Samsung UE 19 D 4003 BW
Samsung UE 19 ES 4000
Samsung UE 19 H 4000
Samsung UE 22 D 5003
Samsung UE 22 D 5003 BW
Samsung UE 22 ES 5000
Samsung UE 24 H 4070
Samsung UE 26 D 4003 BW/XXN
Samsung UE 26 EH 4000
Samsung UE 28 H 4000
Samsung UE 28 J 4100
Samsung UE 32 C 5100 QWXZT
Samsung UE 32 C 6000 RWXBT
Samsung UE 32 C 6000 RWXXC
Samsung UE 32 C 6000 RWXZF
Samsung UE 32 D 4003 BW
Samsung UE 32 EH 4000
Samsung UE 32 EH 4003
Samsung UE 32 EH 4003 W
Samsung UE 32 EH 5000
Samsung UE 32 F 4000 AWXZT
Samsung UE 32 F 5000 AKXZT
Samsung UE 32 H 4000
Samsung UE 32 J 4000
Samsung UE 32 J 4100
Samsung UE 32 J 5000 AK
Samsung UE 32 J 5100
Samsung UE 32 J 5150
Samsung UE 32 K 4109
Samsung UE 37 C 6000 RWXXC
Samsung UE 39 F 5000 AW
Samsung UE 40 C 5000 QWXXH
Samsung UE 40 C 5100 QWXXC
Samsung UE 40 C 5100 QWXXN
Samsung UE 40 C 5100 QWXZF
Samsung UE 40 C 6000 RWXXC
Samsung UE 40 C 6000 RWXZF
Samsung UE 40 C 6200 RS/XZG
Samsung UE 40 C 6820 US/XZG
Samsung UE 40 D 5003
Samsung UE 40 EH 5000
Samsung UE 40 EH 5000 W / XG
Samsung UE 40 EH 5000W/XBT
Samsung UE 40 F 5000 AW/XXH
Samsung UE 40 F 5000 AW/XXN
Samsung UE 40 F 5070 AW/XXC
Samsung UE 40 H 4200 AW
Samsung UE 40 H 5003
Samsung UE 40 J 5100 AWW
Samsung UE 40 J 5150
Samsung UE 46 C 5100 QWXXC
Samsung UE 46 C 5105 QWXXE
Samsung UE 46 C 6000 RWXZF
Samsung UE 46 C 6005 RWXXE
Samsung UE 46 EH 5000
Samsung UE19ES4000WXXC
Samsung UE19ES4000WXZG
Samsung UE19ES4000WXZT
Samsung UE19F4000AWXZF
Samsung UE19F4000AWXZG
Samsung UE19H4000AWXZG
Samsung UE19H4005
Samsung UE19H4005AWXXE
Samsung UE22D5003BWXXC
Samsung UE22ES5000W
Samsung UE22ES5000WXKZ
Samsung UE22ES5000WXXC
Samsung UE22F5000AKXXU
Samsung UE22F5000AWXZF
Samsung UE22F5000AWXZG
Samsung UE22H5000
Samsung UE22H5000AKXXU
Samsung UE22H5000AKXZT
Samsung UE22H5000AWXBT
Samsung UE22H5000AWXXC
Samsung UE22H5000AWXXH
Samsung UE22H5000AWXZF
Samsung UE22H5000AWXZG
Samsung UE22H5005
Samsung UE22H5005AKXXE
Samsung UE22K5000AKXZG
Samsung UE22K5000AWXZF
Samsung UE24H4003
Samsung UE24H4003AW
Samsung UE24H4003AWXXC
Samsung UE24H4003AWXXH
Samsung UE24H4003AWXZF
Samsung UE24H4053AWXXC
Samsung UE24H4070ASXTK
Samsung UE24H4070ASXZG
Samsung UE26EH4000WXXN
Samsung UE28F4000AW (UE 28 F 4000 AW)
Samsung UE28F4000AWXXC
Samsung UE28F4000AWXXU
Samsung UE28F4000AWXZG
Samsung UE28F4000AWXZT
Samsung UE28H4000AKXZT
Samsung UE28H4000AWXXH
Samsung UE28H4000AWXZF
Samsung UE28H4000AWXZG
Samsung UE28H4005
Samsung UE28H4005AWXXE
Samsung UE28J4100AKXUA
Samsung UE28J4100AWXBT
Samsung UE28J4100AWXXC
Samsung UE28J4100AWXXH
Samsung UE28J4100AWXZF
Samsung UE28J4100AWXZG
Samsung UE28J4105
Samsung UE28J4105AKXXE
Samsung UE32C5100
Samsung UE32D4003BWXBT
Samsung UE32D4003BWXXN
Samsung UE32D4003BWXZT
Samsung UE32EH4000WXKZ
Samsung UE32EH4000WXXC
Samsung UE32EH4000WXZF
Samsung UE32EH4000WXZT
Samsung UE32EH4003WXBT
Samsung UE32EH4003WXXC
Samsung UE32EH4003WXXH
Samsung UE32EH4003WXXN
Samsung UE32EH4003WXXU
Samsung UE32EH4003WXZF
Samsung UE32EH4004
Samsung UE32EH4004WXXE
Samsung UE32EH5000WXBT
Samsung UE32EH5000WXXC
Samsung UE32EH5000WXXN
Samsung UE32EH5000WXZF
Samsung UE32EH5000WXZT
Samsung UE32EH5005KXXE
Samsung UE32EH5020WXXH
Samsung UE32EH5200SXZG
Samsung UE32F4000AW
Samsung UE32F4000AWXBT
Samsung UE32F4000AWXKZ
Samsung UE32F4000AWXRU
Samsung UE32F4000AWXTK
Samsung UE32F4000AWXUA
Samsung UE32F4000AWXXC
Samsung UE32F4000AWXXH
Samsung UE32F4000AWXXN
Samsung UE32F4000AWXXU
Samsung UE32F4000AWXZF
Samsung UE32F4000AWXZG
Samsung UE32F4005AWXXE
Samsung UE32F5000
Samsung UE32F5000AK
Samsung UE32F5000AKXXU
Samsung UE32F5000AW
Samsung UE32F5000AWXBT
Samsung UE32F5000AWXTK
Samsung UE32F5000AWXXC
Samsung UE32F5000AWXXN
Samsung UE32F5000AWXZF
Samsung UE32F5000AWXZG
Samsung UE32F5070SSXTK
Samsung UE32F5070SSXZG
Samsung UE32H4000AKXZT
Samsung UE32H4000AWXBT
Samsung UE32H4000AWXTK
Samsung UE32H4000AWXXC
Samsung UE32H4000AWXXH
Samsung UE32H4000AWXZF
Samsung UE32H4000AWXZG
Samsung UE32H4005
Samsung UE32H4005AKXXE
Samsung UE32H4005AWXXE
Samsung UE32H5000AKXXU
Samsung UE32H5000AKXZT
Samsung UE32H5000AWXBT
Samsung UE32H5000AWXXC
Samsung UE32H5000AWXXH
Samsung UE32H5000AWXZF
Samsung UE32H5030AWXXH
Samsung UE32H5030AWXXN
Samsung UE32H5040AWXZF
Samsung UE32H5070ASXTK
Samsung UE32H5070ASXZG
Samsung UE32H5090ASXZG
Samsung UE32J4000AKXZT
Samsung UE32J4000AW
Samsung UE32J4000AWXBT
Samsung UE32J4000AWXXC
Samsung UE32J4000AWXZG
Samsung UE32J4005
Samsung UE32J4005AKXXE
Samsung UE32J4100AKXZT
Samsung UE32J4100AWXXC
Samsung UE32J4100AWXXH
Samsung UE32J4100AWXZF
Samsung UE32J4100AWXZG
Samsung UE32J4105
Samsung UE32J4105AKXXE
Samsung UE32J5000
Samsung UE32J5000AKXRU
Samsung UE32J5000AKXZT
Samsung UE32J5000AWXBT
Samsung UE32J5000AWXXH
Samsung UE32J5000AWXZF
Samsung UE32J5000AWXZG
Samsung UE32J5005
Samsung UE32J5005AKXRU
Samsung UE32J5005AKXXE
Samsung UE32J5100AKXXU
Samsung UE32J5100AWXBT
Samsung UE32J5100AWXXH
Samsung UE32J5100AWXZF
Samsung UE32J5105
Samsung UE32J5105AKXXE
Samsung UE32J5150ASXZG
Samsung UE32J5170ASXTK
Samsung UE32J5170ASXZG
Samsung UE32K4100AKXXU
Samsung UE32K4100AWXXH
Samsung UE32K4100AWXXN
Samsung UE32K4100AWXZG
Samsung UE32K4109AWXZG
Samsung UE32K5100AKXXU
Samsung UE32K5100AKXZT
Samsung UE32K5100AWXXH
Samsung UE32K5100AWXXN
Samsung UE32K5102AKXXH
Samsung UE32K5105AKXXE
Samsung UE32K5179SSXZG
Samsung UE32M4002AK (UE32M4002AKXXH)
Samsung UE32M4005AK (UE32M4005AKXXC)
Samsung UE32M4005AWXXC
Samsung UE32N4005AWXXC
Samsung UE32N5005AWXXC
Samsung UE32N5070AUXZT
Samsung UE32T4000AWXXN
Samsung UE37C5100
Samsung UE37C5100QW
Samsung UE37C6800USXXN
Samsung UE37EH5000WXXN
Samsung UE37EH5200SXZG
Samsung UE39EH5003WXBT
Samsung UE39EH5003WXXC
Samsung UE39EH5003WXZG
Samsung UE39F5000AK
Samsung UE39F5000AKXXU
Samsung UE39F5000AKXZT
Samsung UE39F5000AWXBT
Samsung UE39F5000AWXXC
Samsung UE39F5000AWXXH
Samsung UE39F5000AWXXN
Samsung UE39F5000AWXZF
Samsung UE39F5000AWXZG
Samsung UE39F5070SSXZG
Samsung UE40C5100
Samsung UE40C6510UWXXC
Samsung UE40D5003BWXXC
Samsung UE40D5003BWXXH
Samsung UE40D5003BWXZF
Samsung UE40EH5000KXXU
Samsung UE40EH5000WXXC
Samsung UE40EH5000WXZF
Samsung UE40EH5020WXXH
Samsung UE40EH5047KXUA
Samsung UE40F5000AKXZT
Samsung UE40F5000AWXZF
Samsung UE40F5000AWXZG
Samsung UE40F5070
Samsung UE40H4200AWXTK
Samsung UE40H4200AWXXC
Samsung UE40H4200AWXZF
Samsung UE40H4200AWXZG
Samsung UE40H5000AK (UE40H5000AKXXU)
Samsung UE40H5000AWXXC
Samsung UE40H5000AWXXH
Samsung UE40H5000AWXXN
Samsung UE40H5000AWXZF
Samsung UE40H5003AWXXH
Samsung UE40H5003AWXZF
Samsung UE40H5030AWXXH
Samsung UE40H5030AWXXN
Samsung UE40H5070ASXZG
Samsung UE40H5080ASXZG
Samsung UE40H5090ASXTK
Samsung UE40H5090ASXZG
Samsung UE40J5000
Samsung UE40J5000AWXXH
Samsung UE40J5000AWXZF
Samsung UE40J5002AKXXH
Samsung UE40J5005
Samsung UE40J5005AKXXE
Samsung UE40J5100
Samsung UE40J5100AKXXU
Samsung UE40J5100AWXBT
Samsung UE40J5100AWXXC
Samsung UE40J5100AWXXH
Samsung UE40J5100AWXXN
Samsung UE40J5100AWXZF
Samsung UE40J5105
Samsung UE40J5105AKXXE
Samsung UE40J5150ASXZG
Samsung UE40J5170ASXTK
Samsung UE40J5170ASXZG
Samsung UE40K5100AKXXU
Samsung UE40K5100AKXZT
Samsung UE40K5100AWXXH
Samsung UE40K5100AWXZF
Samsung UE40K5102AKXXH
Samsung UE40K5170SSXZG
Samsung UE40K5179SSXZG
Samsung UE40M5005AWXXC
Samsung UE40M5075AU (UE40M5075AUXXC)
Samsung UE42F5000AKXXU
Samsung UE42F5000AWXBT
Samsung UE42F5000AWXXC
Samsung UE42F5000AWXXN
Samsung UE42F5000AWXZF
Samsung UE42F5000AWXZG
Samsung UE42F5005AKXXE
Samsung UE42F5070
Samsung UE42F5070SSXTK
Samsung UE42F5070SSXZG
Samsung UE46C5100
Samsung UE46C5100QW
Samsung UE46C6710USXZG
Samsung UE46EH5000KXXU
Samsung UE46EH5000WXBT
Samsung UE46EH5000WXXC
Samsung UE46EH5000WXXH
Samsung UE46EH5000WXZF
Samsung UE46EH5000WXZG
Samsung UE46EH5000WXZT
Samsung UE46EH5005KXXE
Samsung UE46EH5200SXZG
Samsung UE46F5000AKXZT
Samsung UE46F5000AW/XXC
Samsung UE46F5000AWXXH
Samsung UE46F5000AWXXN
Samsung UE46F5000AWXZF
Samsung UE46F5000AWXZG
Samsung UE46F5005AKXXE
Samsung UE46F5070
Samsung UE46F5070SSXTK
Samsung UE46F5070SSXZG
Samsung UE48H4200AWXTK
Samsung UE48H4200AWXZF
Samsung UE48H4200AWXZG
Samsung UE48H4205AWXXE
Samsung UE48H5000AKXXU
Samsung UE48H5000AWXXH
Samsung UE48H5000AWXXN
Samsung UE48H5000AWXZF
Samsung UE48H5003AWXTK
Samsung UE48H5003AWXXC
Samsung UE48H5003AWXZF
Samsung UE48H5003AWXZG
Samsung UE48H5004
Samsung UE48H5004AKXXE
Samsung UE48H5005
Samsung UE48H5005AKXXE
Samsung UE48H5030AKXZT
Samsung UE48H5030AWXXN
Samsung UE48H5040AW
Samsung UE48H5040AWXZF
Samsung UE48H5070ASXZG
Samsung UE48H5080ASXZG
Samsung UE48H5090ASXZG
Samsung UE48J5000AKXZT
Samsung UE48J5000AWXXH
Samsung UE48J5000AWXXN
Samsung UE48J5000AWXZF
Samsung UE48J5005
Samsung UE48J5005AKXXE
Samsung UE48J5100
Samsung UE48J5100AWXZF
Samsung UE48J5105
Samsung UE48J5150
Samsung UE48J5150AS (UE48J5150ASXZG)
Samsung UE48J5170ASXTK
Samsung UE48J5170ASXZG
Samsung UE49K5100AKXXU
Samsung UE49K5100AKXZT
Samsung UE49K5100AWXXH
Samsung UE49K5102AKXBT
Samsung UE49K5105AKXXE
Samsung UE49K5170SSXZG
Samsung UE49M5000AK (UE49M5000AKXXU)
Samsung UE50F5000AWXXN
Samsung UE50F5000AWXZG
Samsung UE50F5005
Samsung UE50F5005AKXXE
Samsung UE50F5070SSXZG
Samsung UE50H5000AWXXN
Samsung UE50J5100
Samsung UE50J5100AKXXU
Samsung UE50J5100AWXXH
Samsung UE50J5100AWXZF
Samsung UE50J5105
Samsung UE50J5105AKXXE
Samsung UE50J5150
Samsung UE50J5150ASXZG
Samsung UE50J6175
Samsung UE50J6175AUXXE
Samsung UE55J5105
Samsung UE55J5105AKXXE
Samsung UE55J5150
Samsung UE55J5150ASXZG
Samsung UE55J5170 ASXZG
Samsung UE55J6100AWXZF
Samsung UE55J6150ASXZG
Samsung UE55J6170AUXZG
Samsung UE55J6175
Samsung UE55J6175AUXXE
Samsung UE55K5179SSXZG
Samsung UE58H5200
Samsung UE58H5200AWXZF
Samsung UE58H5270ASXZG
Samsung UE58J5005
Samsung UE58J5005AKXXE
Samsung UE60EH6000
Samsung UE60J6150
Samsung UE60J6150ASXZG
This remote control has the following buttons:
Power, Source, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, TTX/MIX, PRE-CH, Vol +, Vol -, Mute, CH List, P +, P -, Media.P, Menu, Guide, Tools, Info, Up, Right, Down, Left, Enter, Return, Exit, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, E-Manual, P.Size, AD / Subt., Stop, <<, Play, Pause, >>

It uses 2 batteries of the type AAA

1.5V alcaline batteries AAA LR03, used in a great majority of remote controls.

Replacement remote controls

Replacement remote controls that replace in all its functions the remote SAMSUNG TM1240 (AA59-00741A):

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Customer reviews
_ _ _ _ _
date:January 2024
Parfait,la télécommande fournie fonctionne à merveille avec mon enregistreur DVD Sony RDR-HXD990. Je suis entièrement satisfait
_ _ _ _ _
date:January 2024
Good value for money and quick service
_ _ _ _ _
date: 2023
Very pleased with the new remote for my Panasonic DVD. Arrived well packaged and worked immediately. Very satisfactory service, thank you.
United Kingdom
_ _ _ _ _
date:May 2024
My order was treated very fast. The item was prepared and handed over to carrier in couple of minutes. I am really impressed by Mandis-shop profesionalism. The Mandis remote control works perfectly fine. I can now replace my 20 years old Sony RM-SS880, which hardly work. Gracias !
_ _ _ _ _
date:February 2024
I would just like to say I returned my remote to you last Thursday and it is now Tuesday and I have just received it and it is working perfectly. I would like to thank you very much.
_ _ _ _ _
date: 2023
De remote control werkt uitstekend
_ _ _ _ _
date:November 2023
I purchased a replacement remote for a JVC RV-NB20W kaboombox and the remote works great, all functions work as intended. Only took about a week to deliver to Pennsylvania, USA.
United States
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Replacement remote controls
12.81 €Universal TV Samsung22.73 €TM1240 (AA59-00741A)
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