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Purchase manual


Purchase manual 


Steps to place an order:

  1. Find the correct remote cotrol for your apparatus. If you need help to perform this search, a search manual is available at the following link: Search manual

  2. Once the desired remote control has been selected, add the remote in the shopping cart by clicking on the "Checkout" button.

  3. Once the item is placed in the shopping cart, you can continue to put more items in the cart by clicking on "Add more items" or continue with the purchase process.

  4. You can unselect the batteries if you do not need them do not want them added to the order.

  5. Click on the "Checkout" button to continue with the purchase.

  6. On the next screen you must fill in the delivery address. In the case of wishing a commercial invoice, you can click on "I want commercial invoice" and fill in the field with your VAT Number, UTR, Tax ID Number or Employer ID. If the billing address is different from the shipping one you must unselect "Use the shipping address for the invoice", then the invoice address fields will be shown.

  7. Then, you must accept the terms and conditions after reading them and you can continue with the order by clicking on "Next".

  8. In the following form you can choose the payment method, either bank transfer, credit / debit card or paypal. Once you have chosen the payment method, click on "Next" again.

    1. In the case of choosing to pay by card, in the next screen you will see the details of the order and to proceed with the payment you must click on the "Pay now" button. Then you will go to the bank website and you will have to fill in your card details as requested and confirm the payment. Depending on your bank, it is possible that a confirmation code is sent to your mobile phone via SMS to confirm the payment. If you have changed your mobile number and you have not communicated it to your bank, that SMS does not reach you because it is sent to the old number. In this case you should talk to your bank to inform them of your new mobile number so that you can receive the SMS. Once the payment has been made correctly, you will return to our page where you can see the details of your order and you will have the option to print it. You will also receive an email with the details of the order, if after 15 minutes the email has not arrived, check the junk mail or contact us.

    2. If you choose to pay by paypal, on the next page you will see the details of the order and at the bottom you will see the button "Pay with paypal". By clicking on it you will go to the paypal page to place the payment. From paypal you can pay with your paypal account or with your card without the need of having a paypal account. Once the payment is placed, you will see a summary of the order and the option to print it if you wish. You will also receive an email with the details of the order. If after 15 minutes you have not received the email, check the junk mail or contact us.
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