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Technisat original remote controls

Original remote control TECHNISAT FBPVR335A02Original remote control TECHNISAT FBPVR335A02Not available(see available equivalences)TechnisatFor FB PVR 335A / 02Original remote control PVR235 (0000/3719)Original remote control PVR235 (0000/3719)Not available(see available equivalences)TechnisatFor TECHNISTAR S 1, S1 PLUS, TECHNISTARS1 (S1), HDK2, K1, DIGICORDER HD S2 (HDS2), DIGICORDER HD S2PLUS (HD S2PLUS), ...Original remote control TECHNISAT FBPVR335A-01Original remote control TECHNISAT FBPVR335A-01Not available(see available equivalences)TechnisatFor FB PVR 335 A-01 (SAT 1), FBTV335A/01, HD-VISION 32 PVROriginal remote control FBPVR 135 SOriginal remote control FBPVR 135 SNot available(see available equivalences)TechnisatFor DIGICODER S1 PVR, HD VISION 32Original remote control RC4852 (30077983)Original remote control RC4852 (30077983)Not available(see available equivalences)TechnisatFor 10088464 (TECHNISMART 39), 10099358 (TECHNISMART 32 PRO II), 10097876 (TECHNISMART 39 PRO), 10090683 (TECHNISMART PLUS 39), ...Original remote control FBE 100 (29442001)Original remote control FBE 100 (29442001)Available in stock32.16 € (VAT included)TechnisatFor TECHNISTARS1 (S1), S1 PLUS, TECHNISTAR S 1, DIGICORDER HD S2PLUS (HD S2PLUS), DIGICORDER HD S2 (HDS2), K1, HDK2, ...Original remote control 103 TS 103 BOriginal remote control 103 TS 103 BNot available(see available equivalences)TechnisatFor DIGIBOX BETA 1, DIGIBOX BETA 2, DIGIPAL2TX, DIGISAT 1, DIGIT K 1, DIGIT MF 4-K, DIGIT MF 4-SC, DIGIT MF 8-S HDMI, DIGIT S2, ...Photo not availableOriginal remote control FBTV401B (30093528)Not available(see available equivalences)TechnisatOriginal remote control TECHNISAT FBDVR401B (2530401010102)Original remote control TECHNISAT FBDVR401B (2530401010102)Available in stock47.24 € (VAT included)TechnisatFor TechniStar S1+, S1 PLUS, S2, DIGITS2CD, DIGIT S2 HD, K1, TechniCorder ISIO STC, HD VISION 32, TECHNISTAR S 1, ...Original remote control TECHNISAT FBVT401 (2530401010300)Original remote control TECHNISAT FBVT401 (2530401010300)Available in stock47.25 € (VAT included)TechnisatFor TECHNIVISION22ISIO (5022/7606), TECHNIPLUSISIO47 (5547/9211), ISIO42, TECHNILINE (32 ISIO), TECHNIPLUSISIO32 (5532/9211), ...Photo not availableOriginal remote control TECHNISAT 0000/3852Available in stock41.76 € (VAT included)TechnisatFor TechniStar S3 ISIO, 0000/4748, HDS3, ISIO S, ISIO C, PRS, DIGITALPR-K, DIGITAL PR-SOriginal remote control RC2712 (23072119)Original remote control RC2712 (23072119)Available in stock20.38 € (VAT included)TechnisatPhoto not availableOriginal remote control RC2712 (23088350)Available in stock11.55 € (VAT included)TechnisatFor 10081186 (DIGIT SIR)Original remote control TECHNISAT FBTV400B (2530400000202)Original remote control TECHNISAT FBTV400B (2530400000202)Available in stock47.25 € (VAT included)TechnisatFor 5026/7526 (TECHNIVISION26HD2), TECHNIVISION22HD2, TECHNIVISION22HD (5022/7326), TECHNIVISION32HD (5032/7326), ...Photo not availableOriginal remote control 2530451000201Available in stock65.52 € (VAT included)TechnisatFor MULTYVISION 46 ISIO, ISIO S, DIGICORDERISIO C (10004775), MULTYVISION 32 (5732/0306), MULTYVISION 40 ISIO (5840/0316), ...Photo not availableOriginal remote control TECHNISAT 2530000440000Available in stock38.37 € (VAT included)TechnisatFor TECHNIMAX HD+, SATBOXX HD+ (0002/4400)Photo not availableOriginal remote control TECHNISAT 2530401020102Available in stock47.24 € (VAT included)TechnisatFor DIGIPAL T2HD, DIGIT S3 DVR, HDTV 46, 50320100 (HDVISION32), DIGIT HD8+ (0001/4751), HDTV40PLUS100HZ, 5340/0316 (HDTV40), ...Original remote control TECHNISAT Digitradio 360 CD (2534990000100)Original remote control TECHNISAT Digitradio 360 CD (2534990000100)Available in stock38.37 € (VAT included)TechnisatFor 0000/4990 DIGITRADIO 360, DIGITRADIO 360 CDPhoto not availableOriginal remote control TECHNISAT 2534957000100Available in stock38.37 € (VAT included)TechnisatFor DIGITRADIO 100Photo not availableOriginal remote control 2534958000200Available in stock38.37 € (VAT included)TechnisatFor 00104958, DIGITRADIO110IR
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