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Replacement remote control for SAMSUNG BN59-01391D | 22.73 € + VAT


Replacement remote control for BN59-01391D

Reference: BN59-01391D
Other names: SamsungSmartTV
Available in stock
Price without VAT22.73 €
VAT*0.00 €
Final price22.73 €
* It can vary depending on the shipping destination
Shipping to United States: 12.50 € (Standard shipping (no tracking), 2 - 3 weeks)

When purchasing the remote, a document will be sent detailing the relationship between the buttons of the original control and those of the replacement remote.


Remote control to replace the original BN59-01391D and all its functions. It is not a universal remote but a substitute for the original. You will receive the remote ready to use: you only need to install the batteries. It is not necessary to program it. We offer you our full guarantee that the remote will fulfil all the functions of the original.


Brand: Samsung
Remote controls Samsung

Some of the models that use this remote are

Samsung GQ49LS01TBUXZG Samsung GQ49Q6FNGTXZG Samsung GQ50LS03BAU (GQ50LS03BAUXZG) Samsung GQ50Q60TGUXZG Samsung GQ55LS01TAUXZG
Samsung GQ55LS01TBUXZG Samsung GQ55LS03BAUXZG Samsung GQ55Q60TGUXZG Samsung GQ55Q6FNGT Samsung GQ55Q6FNGTXZG
Samsung GQ55Q7FNGT Samsung GQ55Q7FNGTXZG Samsung GQ55Q8CNGTXZG Samsung GQ55Q8DNGTXZG Samsung GQ55Q8FNGT (GQ55Q8FNGTXZG)
Samsung GQ55Q9FNGT Samsung GQ55Q9FNGTXZG Samsung GQ65LS03BAUXZG Samsung GQ65Q6FNGT Samsung GQ65Q6FNGTXZG
Samsung GQ65Q7FNGT Samsung GQ65Q7FNGTXZG Samsung GQ65Q8CNGT Samsung GQ65Q8CNGTXZG Samsung GQ65Q8DNGTXZG
Samsung GQ65Q8FNGTXZG Samsung GQ65Q9FNGTXZG Samsung GQ65QN85AAT Samsung GQ75LS03BAU (GQ75LS03BAUXZG) Samsung GQ75Q7FNGT
Samsung GQ75Q7FNGTXZG Samsung GQ75Q90RGTXZG Samsung GQ75Q9FNGTXZG Samsung GQ82Q6FNGT Samsung GQ82Q6FNGTXZG
Samsung GQ85LS03BAUXZG Samsung GQ85Q60TGUXZG Samsung GU43TU8079UXZG Samsung GU43TU8519UXZG Samsung GU50TU8079UXZG
Samsung GU50TU8519UXZG Samsung GU55AU7179U Samsung GU55AU7179UXZG Samsung GU55TU8079UXZG Samsung GU65TU8079UXZG
Samsung GU65TU8509U (GU65TU8509UXZG) Samsung PS 51 F 8500 SZXZT Samsung PS51F8500SLXXH Samsung PS51F8500SLXXN Samsung PS51F8500STXXU
Samsung PS51F8505STXXE Samsung PS64F8500SLXXH Samsung PS64F8500STXXU Samsung PS64F8505STXXE Samsung PS64F8590SLXZG
Samsung QE 55 Q 6 FSamsung QE 55 Q 7 F
Samsung QE 55 Q 7 F
Samsung QE 55 Q 7 FNAT XXC Samsung QE 55 Q 8 CAM TXXC Samsung QE 55 Q 8 CNA TXXC
Samsung QE 55 Q 8 FAM TXXC Samsung QE 65 Q 7 FNAT XXC Samsung QE43LS01BAU (QE43LS01BAUXXC) Samsung QE43LS01BAU (QE43LS01BAUXXN) Samsung QE43LS01RAU (QE43LS01RAUXXC)
Samsung QE43LS01RAU (QE43LS01RAUXXU) Samsung QE43LS01RAU (QE43LS01RAUXZT) Samsung QE43LS01RBS (QE43LS01RBSXXN) Samsung QE43LS01RBU (QE43LS01RBUXZT) Samsung QE43LS01RBUXXC
Samsung QE43LS01RBUXZG Samsung QE43LS01RCS (QE43LS01RCSXXN) Samsung QE43LS01RCU (QE43LS01RCUXXC) Samsung QE43LS01RCU (QE43LS01RCUXXU) Samsung QE43LS01RDS (QE43LS01RDSXXN)
Samsung QE43LS01RDU (QE43LS01RDUXXC) Samsung QE43LS01RDU (QE43LS01RDUXXU) Samsung QE43LS03AU Samsung QE43LS03BAU (QE43LS03BAUXXC) Samsung QE43LS03BAUXXN
Samsung QE43LS03RASXXN Samsung QE43LS03RAU (QE43LS03RAUXXH) Samsung QE43LS03RAUXXC Samsung QE43LS03RAUXXU Samsung QE43LS03RAUXZG
Samsung QE43LS03RAUXZT Samsung QE49LS01RAS (QE49LS01RASXXN) Samsung QE49LS01RAU (QE49LS01RAUXXC) Samsung QE49LS01RAU (QE49LS01RAUXXU) Samsung QE49LS01RAU (QE49LS01RAUXZT)
Samsung QE49LS01RAUXZG Samsung QE49LS01RBS (QE49LS01RBSXXN) Samsung QE49LS01RBU (QE49LS01RBUXXC) Samsung QE49LS01RBUXZG Samsung QE49LS03RAS (QE49LS03RASXXN)
Samsung QE49LS03RAU (QE49LS03RAUXUA) Samsung QE49LS03RAU (QE49LS03RAUXXH) Samsung QE49LS03RAUXXC Samsung QE49LS03RAUXXU Samsung QE49LS03RAUXZG
Samsung QE49LS03RAUXZTSamsung QE49Q60RAT
Samsung QE49Q60RAT
Samsung QE49Q60RATXZT Samsung QE49Q6FNAL Samsung QE49Q6FNALXXN
Samsung QE49Q6FNATXZT Samsung QE49Q70RAT Samsung QE49Q7CAMTXZGSamsung QE49Q7F
Samsung QE49Q7F
Samsung QE49Q7FAMTXXC Samsung QE49Q7FGMTXZG Samsung QE50LS01BAU (QE50LS01BAUXXC) Samsung QE50LS03BAUXXN Samsung QE55LS01BAU (QE55LS01BAUXXC)
Samsung QE55LS01BBU (QE55LS01BBUXXN) Samsung QE55LS01RAS (QE55LS01RASXXN) Samsung QE55LS01RAU (QE55LS01RAUXXC) Samsung QE55LS01RAU (QE55LS01RAUXXU) Samsung QE55LS01RAU (QE55LS01RAUXZT)
Samsung QE55LS01RAUXZG Samsung QE55LS01RBS (QE55LS01RBSXXN) Samsung QE55LS01RBUXXC Samsung QE55LS01RBUXZG Samsung QE55LS01RCS (QE55LS01RCSXXN)
Samsung QE55LS01RCU (QE55LS01RCUXXC) Samsung QE55LS01RCU (QE55LS01RCUXXU) Samsung QE55LS01TAUXXH Samsung QE55LS03BAU (QE55LS03BAUXXC) Samsung QE55LS03BAU (QE55LS03BAUXXU)
Samsung QE55LS03BAUXXN Samsung QE55LS03BAUXZT Samsung QE55LS03RASXXN Samsung QE55LS03RAU (QE55LS03RAUXUA) Samsung QE55LS03RAU (QE55LS03RAUXXH)
Samsung QE55LS03RAU (QE55LS03RAUXZT) Samsung QE55LS03RAUXXC Samsung QE55LS03RAUXXU Samsung QE55LS03RAUXZG Samsung QE55Q60RATXXC
Samsung QE55Q60TAUXXC Samsung QE55Q6FAMT (QE55Q6FAMTXXU) Samsung QE55Q6FAMT (QE55Q6FAMTXZT) Samsung QE55Q6FGMT (QE55Q6FGMTXZG) Samsung QE55Q6FNAT
Samsung QE55Q6FNATXZT Samsung QE55Q70RATXZT Samsung QE55Q7CAMLXXN Samsung QE55Q7CAMTXTK Samsung QE55Q7CAMTXZG
Samsung QE55Q7FGMTXZG Samsung QE55Q8CAMTXZG Samsung QE55Q8CAMTXZT Samsung QE55Q8CGMTXZGSamsung QE55Q8F
Samsung QE55Q8F
Samsung QE55Q8FGMT (QE55Q8FGMTXZG)Samsung QE55Q8FN
Samsung QE55Q8FN
Samsung QE55Q8FNATXXC Samsung QE55Q950Samsung QE55Q9FN
Samsung QE55Q9FN
Samsung QE55Q9FNAT (QE55Q9FNATXZG) Samsung QE55QN93AATXXC Samsung QE58Q60TASXXN Samsung QE65LS03RASXXN Samsung QE65LS03RAU (QE65LS03RAUXXC)
Samsung QE65LS03RAU (QE65LS03RAUXXH) Samsung QE65LS03RAUXXU Samsung QE65LS03RAUXZG Samsung QE65Q64T Samsung QE65Q64TA
Samsung QE65Q64TAUXXCSamsung QE65Q6F
Samsung QE65Q6F
Samsung QE65Q7FN
Samsung QE65Q7FN
Samsung QE65Q8DNATXXCSamsung QE65Q8F
Samsung QE65Q8F
Samsung QE65Q9F
Samsung QE65Q9F
Samsung QE65Q9FAMT (QE65Q9FAMTXXU) Samsung QE65Q9FAMT (QE65Q9FAMTXZG) Samsung QE65Q9FAMTXZT Samsung QE65Q9FGMTXZGSamsung QE65Q9FN
Samsung QE65Q9FN
Samsung QE65Q9FNATXXC Samsung QE65QN85AAT Samsung QE75Q60TAUXXCSamsung QE75Q7F
Samsung QE75Q7F
Samsung QE75Q80AATXXC Samsung QE75Q8CAMLXXN Samsung QE75Q8CAMT (QE75Q8CAMTXZG) Samsung QE75Q8CAMT (QE75Q8CAMTXZT)Samsung QE75Q9FN
Samsung QE75Q9FN
Samsung QE82Q6FN
Samsung QE82Q6FN
Samsung The Frame (UE55LS003)
Samsung The Frame (UE55LS003)
Samsung The Frame UE55LS003
Samsung The Frame UE55LS003
Samsung UA55JU6800JXZK Samsung UA55KS9000KXXS Samsung UE 40 F 7000 SZXZT
Samsung UE 40 HU 6900Samsung UE 40 JU 6580
Samsung UE 40 JU 6580
Samsung UE 40 MU 6105 Samsung UE 40 MU 6175 UXXC Samsung UE 40 MU 6405 U
Samsung UE 40 MU 6405 UXXC Samsung UE 43 KU 6400 UXZTSamsung UE 43 KU 6640
Samsung UE 43 KU 6640
Samsung UE 43 NU 7405 UXXC Samsung UE 46 F 6400 AYXZT
Samsung UE 49 K 6379
Samsung UE 49 K 6379
Samsung UE 49 KU 6450
Samsung UE 49 KU 6450
Samsung UE 49 KU 6500
Samsung UE 49 KU 6500
Samsung UE 49 KU 6509
Samsung UE 49 KU 6509
Samsung UE 49 MU 6175 UXXC
Samsung UE 49 MU 6400 Samsung UE 49 MU 6500 UXZT Samsung UE 49 MU 6655 UXXC Samsung UE 55 C 9000 SPXZTSamsung UE 55 K 6379
Samsung UE 55 K 6379
Samsung UE 55 KU 6509
Samsung UE 55 KU 6509
Samsung UE 55 MU 6175 UXXC Samsung UE 55 MU 6179 UXZG Samsung UE 55 MU 6645 UXXC Samsung UE 55 MU 6655 UXXC
Samsung UE 55 MU 7075 TXXC Samsung UE 55 NU 7405 UXXC Samsung UE 65 F 8000 SZXZT Samsung UE 65 MU 6105 Samsung UE 65 MU 6175 UXXC
Samsung UE 65 MU 6655 UXXC Samsung UE 75 NU 8005 TXXC Samsung UE32M5500AKXZT Samsung UE32M5502AKXXH Samsung UE32M5505AK
Samsung UE32M5505AKXXC Samsung UE32M5575AUXXC Samsung UE32M5605AKXXC Samsung UE32M5640AUXZG Samsung UE32M5670ASXXN
Samsung UE32M5670AUXZG Samsung UE32M5672AUXXHSamsung UE32S9
Samsung UE32S9
Samsung UE32S9AUXZG Samsung UE40F6750SSXZG
Samsung UE40F6770SBXXH Samsung UE40F6770SSXXH Samsung UE40F6780SSXZG Samsung UE40F7080STXZG Samsung UE40F8000SLXXC
Samsung UE40F8000SLXXN Samsung UE40F8005STXXE Samsung UE40F8090SLXZGSamsung UE40JU6500
Samsung UE40JU6500
Samsung UE40JU6500WXXH
Samsung UE40JU6510
Samsung UE40JU6510
Samsung UE40JU6510UXZT Samsung UE40JU6512UXXH Samsung UE40JU6515UXXESamsung UE40JU6550
Samsung UE40JU6550
Samsung UE40JU6550UXZG Samsung UE40JU6570UXTK Samsung UE40JU6570UXZG Samsung UE40JU6580UXZG Samsung UE40JU6610UXTK
Samsung UE40JU6640SXXH Samsung UE40JU6640UXXN Samsung UE40JU6640UXZF Samsung UE40JU6640UXZG Samsung UE40JU6670SXXN
Samsung UE40JU6670UXXU Samsung UE40JU6670UXZF Samsung UE40JU6740SXXH Samsung UE40JU6740SXXN Samsung UE40JU6740UXXU
Samsung UE40JU6740UXZG Samsung UE40JU6745UXXE Samsung UE40JU6750UXXN Samsung UE40JU6750UXZG Samsung UE40JU6770UXZG
Samsung UE40JU7000LXXN Samsung UE40JU7000TXXC Samsung UE40JU7000TXZF Samsung UE40JU7002TXXH Samsung UE40JU7090TXZG
Samsung UE40K6300AKXZT Samsung UE40K6300AW (UE40K6300AWXXH) Samsung UE40K6370SUXZG Samsung UE40K6375SU (UE40K6375SUXXE) Samsung UE40K6379SU (UE40K6379SUXZG)
Samsung UE40KU6000UXRUSamsung UE40KU6400
Samsung UE40KU6400
Samsung UE40KU6400UXZG Samsung UE40KU6402U (UE40KU6402UXXH) Samsung UE40KU6405UXXE
Samsung UE40KU6409UXZGSamsung UE40KU6450
Samsung UE40KU6450
Samsung UE40KU6450UXZG Samsung UE40KU6459UXZG Samsung UE40KU6470U (UE40KU6470UXZG)
Samsung UE40MU6100KXZT Samsung UE40MU6100WXXN Samsung UE40MU6102KXXH Samsung UE40MU6105KXXC Samsung UE40MU6170UXZG
Samsung UE40MU6175
Samsung UE40MU6175
Samsung UE40MU6400 Samsung UE40MU6400U (UE 40 MU 6400 U) Samsung UE40MU6400UXZT Samsung UE40MU6402UXXH
Samsung UE40MU6440U (UE40MU6440UXZG) Samsung UE40MU6449U (UE40MU6449UXZG) Samsung UE40MU6450S (UE40MU6450SXXN) Samsung UE40MU6450U (UE40MU6450UXZG) Samsung UE40MU6452U (UE40MU6452UXXH)
Samsung UE40MU6470S (UE40MU6470SXXN) Samsung UE40MU6470U (UE40MU6470UXXU) Samsung UE40MU6470U (UE40MU6470UXZG) Samsung UE40MU6470U (UE40MU6470UXZT) Samsung UE40MU6472U (UE40MU6472UXXH)
Samsung UE40MU7000U (UE40MU7000UXSQ) Samsung UE40MU7000UXTK Samsung UE40MU7400UXSQSamsung UE40S9
Samsung UE40S9
Samsung UE40S9AUXXE
Samsung UE40S9AUXZG Samsung UE43AU7175UXXCSamsung UE43KS7500
Samsung UE43KS7500
Samsung UE43KS7500SXXH Samsung UE43KS7500SXXN
Samsung UE43KS7500UXXC Samsung UE43KS7500UXXU Samsung UE43KS7500UXZF Samsung UE43KS7590U (UE43KS7590UXZG)Samsung UE43KU6400
Samsung UE43KU6400
Samsung UE43KU6400SXXN Samsung UE43KU6400UXXC Samsung UE43KU6400UXZF Samsung UE43KU6400UXZG Samsung UE43KU6402UXXH
Samsung UE43KU6405UXXE Samsung UE43KU6409UXZF Samsung UE43KU6409UXZGSamsung UE43KU6500
Samsung UE43KU6500
Samsung UE43KU6500UXXC
Samsung UE43KU6500UXZG Samsung UE43KU6509U (UE43KU6509UXZG) Samsung UE43KU6510SXXN Samsung UE43KU6510UXXU Samsung UE43KU6510UXZG
Samsung UE43KU6515UXXE Samsung UE43KU6640U (UE43KU6640UXZG) Samsung UE43KU6649UXZG Samsung UE43KU6670UXXC Samsung UE43KU6679UXZG
Samsung UE43LS003AU (UE43LS003AUXXC) Samsung UE43LS003AU (UE43LS003AUXXU) Samsung UE43M5502AKXXH Samsung UE43M5510AK (UE43M5510AKXXU) Samsung UE43M5515AK (UE43M5515AKXXC)
Samsung UE43M5570AUXZG Samsung UE43M5580AUXZG Samsung UE43M5600AKXXU Samsung UE43M5600AWXXN Samsung UE43M5605AKXXC
Samsung UE43M5650AUXZG Samsung UE43M5670AS (UE43M5670ASXXN) Samsung UE43M5670AUXZG Samsung UE43M5672AUXXH Samsung UE43MU6100KXXU
Samsung UE43MU6100WXXN Samsung UE43MU6102 Samsung UE43MU6102UXXH Samsung UE43MU6170UXZG Samsung UE43MU6172UXXH
Samsung UE43MU6175
Samsung UE43MU6175
Samsung UE43MU6175UXXC Samsung UE43MU6179UXZG Samsung UE43MU7000UXSQ Samsung UE43NU7400UXZG
Samsung UE43NU7400UXZT Samsung UE43NU7449UXZG Samsung UE43NU7462UXXH Samsung UE43NU7470UXZG Samsung UE43NU7475UXXC
Samsung UE43NU7479UXZG Samsung UE43RU7406U Samsung UE43RU7410U (UE43RU7410UXZT) Samsung UE43RU7419UXZG Samsung UE43RU7440SXXN
Samsung UE43RU7449U (UE43RU7449UXZG) Samsung UE43RU7450UXZT Samsung UE43RU7459UXZG Samsung UE43RU7470SXXN Samsung UE43RU7470UXXU
Samsung UE43RU7472UXXH Samsung UE43RU7475UXXC Samsung UE43RU7479U (UE43RU7479UXZG) Samsung UE43TU8005KXXC Samsung UE43TU8070UXZT
Samsung UE43TU8510UXZG Samsung UE43TU8510UXZT Samsung UE46F6770SSXXN Samsung UE46F7000SL Samsung UE46F7000STXXH
Samsung UE46F7090SLXZG Samsung UE46F8000SLXXC Samsung UE46F8000SLXXN Samsung UE46F8000STXXU Samsung UE46F8090SLXZG
Samsung UE46F8590SLXZG Samsung UE48H6500SLXXC Samsung UE48J6300AKXXU Samsung UE48JS8500LXXH Samsung UE48JS8500TXZF
Samsung UE48JS8500TXZT Samsung UE48JS8502TXXH Samsung UE48JS9000TXXU Samsung UE48JS9002TXXH Samsung UE48JS9080QXZG
Samsung UE48JS9090QXZGSamsung UE48JU6500
Samsung UE48JU6500
Samsung UE48JU6500KXZF Samsung UE48JU6500WXXH Samsung UE48JU6510SXXH
Samsung UE48JU6510SXXN Samsung UE48JU6510UXXC Samsung UE48JU6510UXXU Samsung UE48JU6510UXZF Samsung UE48JU6510UXZT
Samsung UE48JU6512UXXHSamsung UE48JU6515
Samsung UE48JU6515
Samsung UE48JU6515UXXESamsung UE48JU6550
Samsung UE48JU6550
Samsung UE48JU6550UXZG
Samsung UE48JU6560UXZG Samsung UE48JU6570UXTK Samsung UE48JU6570UXZF Samsung UE48JU6570UXZGSamsung UE48JU6580
Samsung UE48JU6580
Samsung UE48JU6580UXZG Samsung UE48JU6610UXTK Samsung UE48JU6640UXXC Samsung UE48JU6640UXXN Samsung UE48JU6640UXZF
Samsung UE48JU6640UXZG Samsung UE48JU6642UXXH Samsung UE48JU6652UXXH Samsung UE48JU6670UXZF Samsung UE48JU6740SXXN
Samsung UE48JU6740UXXC Samsung UE48JU6740UXXU Samsung UE48JU6740UXZG Samsung UE48JU6770UXXN Samsung UE48JU6770UXZG
Samsung UE48JU7000LXXH Samsung UE48JU7000TXXU Samsung UE48JU7000TXZTSamsung UE48JU7005
Samsung UE48JU7005
Samsung UE48JU7080TXZG
Samsung UE48JU7090TXZG Samsung UE48JU7500LXXH Samsung UE48JU7500LXXN Samsung UE48JU7500TXTK Samsung UE48JU7500TXXC
Samsung UE48JU7500TXXU Samsung UE48JU7500TXZT Samsung UE48JU7580TXZG Samsung UE48JU7590TXZG Samsung UE49K6000AU (UE49K6000AUXTK)
Samsung UE49K6300AKXZT Samsung UE49K6300AWXXH Samsung UE49K6370SUXZG Samsung UE49K6372SUXXH Samsung UE49K6379SUXZG
Samsung UE49KS7000
Samsung UE49KS7000
Samsung UE49KS7000SXXH Samsung UE49KS7000SXXN Samsung UE49KS7000UXXC Samsung UE49KS7000UXXU
Samsung UE49KS7000UXZF Samsung UE49KS7000UXZT Samsung UE49KS7080UXZGSamsung UE49KS7500
Samsung UE49KS7500
Samsung UE49KS7500SXXH
Samsung UE49KS7500SXXN Samsung UE49KS7500UXCE Samsung UE49KS7500UXRU Samsung UE49KS7500UXUA Samsung UE49KS7500UXXC
Samsung UE49KS7500UXXU Samsung UE49KS7500UXZF Samsung UE49KS7500UXZT Samsung UE49KS7580UXZG Samsung UE49KS7590UXZG
Samsung UE49KS8000
Samsung UE49KS8000
Samsung UE49KS8000LXXH Samsung UE49KS8000LXXN Samsung UE49KS8000TXXC Samsung UE49KS8000TXXU
Samsung UE49KS8000TXZF Samsung UE49KS8000UXRU Samsung UE49KS8080TXZG Samsung UE49KS8090T (UE49KS8090TXZG)Samsung UE49KS9000
Samsung UE49KS9000
Samsung UE49KS9080TXZG Samsung UE49KS9090TXZGSamsung UE49KU6400
Samsung UE49KU6400
Samsung UE49KU6400UXZG Samsung UE49KU6405UXXE
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Samsung UE49KU6500U (UE 49 KU 6500 U) Samsung UE49KU6500UXZT Samsung UE49KU6509UXZGSamsung UE49KU6510
Samsung UE49KU6510
Samsung UE49KU6510UXZT
Samsung UE49KU6519UXZGSamsung UE49KU6640
Samsung UE49KU6640
Samsung UE49KU6640SXXN Samsung UE49KU6640UXZG Samsung UE49KU6649U (UE49KU6649UXZG)
Samsung UE49KU6659UXZG Samsung UE49KU6670UXXC Samsung UE49KU6670UXZG Samsung UE49KU6679UXZG Samsung UE49M5500AK (UE49M5500AKXXU)
Samsung UE49M5500AWXXN Samsung UE49M5505AK (UE49M5505AKXXC) Samsung UE49M5510AK (UE49M5510AKXXU) Samsung UE49M5510AWXXN Samsung UE49M5515AK (UE49M5515AKXXC)
Samsung UE49M5570AU (UE49M5570AUXZG) Samsung UE49M5580AUXZG Samsung UE49M5582AU (UE49M5582AUXXH) Samsung UE49M5600AW (UE49M5600AWXXN) Samsung UE49M5640AUXZG
Samsung UE49M5670AS (UE49M5670ASXXN) Samsung UE49M5670AUXZG Samsung UE49M5672AU (UE49M5672AUXXH) Samsung UE49M6000AUXSQ Samsung UE49M6300AKXXU
Samsung UE49M6300AWXXN Samsung UE49M6302AK (UE49M6302AKXXH) Samsung UE49M6305AK (UE49M6305AKXXC) Samsung UE49M6372AUXXH Samsung UE49M6500AU (UE49M6500AUXMI)
Samsung UE49MU6100KXZT Samsung UE49MU6102KXXH Samsung UE49MU6105K (UE49MU6105KXXC) Samsung UE49MU6179U (UE49MU6179UXZG) Samsung UE49MU6200KXZT
Samsung UE49MU6202KXXH Samsung UE49MU6205KXXC Samsung UE49MU6270UXZG Samsung UE49MU6279UXZG Samsung UE49MU6400SXXN
Samsung UE49MU6400UXXU Samsung UE49MU6400UXZG Samsung UE49MU6400UXZT Samsung UE49MU6409UXZG Samsung UE49MU6440S (UE49MU6440SXXN)
Samsung UE49MU6445UXXC Samsung UE49MU6449U (UE49MU6449UXZG) Samsung UE49MU6450S (UE49MU6450SXXN) Samsung UE49MU6450U (UE49MU6450UXZG) Samsung UE49MU6452U (UE49MU6452UXXH)
Samsung UE49MU6470S (UE49MU6470SXXN) Samsung UE49MU6470U (UE49MU6470UXXU) Samsung UE49MU6470U (UE49MU6470UXZG) Samsung UE49MU6479U (UE49MU6479UXZG) Samsung UE49MU6500UXZG
Samsung UE49MU6509UXZG Samsung UE49MU6640SXXN Samsung UE49MU6650S (UE49MU6650SXXN) Samsung UE49MU6670U (UE49MU6670UXXU)Samsung UE49MU7005
Samsung UE49MU7005
Samsung UE49MU7009TXZG Samsung UE49MU7040L (UE49MU7040LXXN) Samsung UE49MU7040T (UE49MU7040TXZG) Samsung UE49MU7049T (UE49MU7049TXZG) Samsung UE49MU7059T (UE49MU7059TXZG)
Samsung UE49MU7070L (UE49MU7070LXXN) Samsung UE49MU7079T (UE49MU7079TXZG) Samsung UE49MU7350U (UE49MU7350UXMI) Samsung UE49MU7350U (UE49MU7350UXTK) Samsung UE49MU7500UXTK
Samsung UE49MU8000T (UE49MU8000TXXU) Samsung UE49MU8005 Samsung UE49MU8009TXZG Samsung UE49MU9000LXXN Samsung UE49MU9000TXXU
Samsung UE49MU9005T (UE49MU9005TXXC) Samsung UE49NU7500UXXU Samsung UE49NU7640SXXN Samsung UE49NU8000T (UE49NU8000TXZT) Samsung UE49NU8050LXXN
Samsung UE49NU8059TXZG Samsung UE49NU8079TXZG Samsung UE50AU7105KXXC Samsung UE50F6750SSXZG Samsung UE50MU6100W (UE50MU6100WXXN)
Samsung UE50MU6102KXXH Samsung UE50MU6105K (UE50MU6105KXXC) Samsung UE50MU6170UXZG Samsung UE50MU6172UXXH Samsung UE50MU6179U (UE50MU6179UXZG)
Samsung UE50NU7405UXXC Samsung UE50NU7449UXZG Samsung UE50NU7455UXXC Samsung UE50NU7479UXZG Samsung UE50RU7405UXXC
Samsung UE50RU7410UXZT Samsung UE50RU7440SXXN Samsung UE50RU7449UXZG Samsung UE50RU7455UXXC Samsung UE50RU7459UXZG
Samsung UE50RU7470UXXU Samsung UE50RU7475UXXC Samsung UE50RU7479UXZG Samsung UE50TU8075UXXC Samsung UE50TU8505U
Samsung UE50TU8510SXXN Samsung UE50TU8515UXXC Samsung UE55AU7190U (UE55AU7190UXZT) Samsung UE55F6740SBXXU Samsung UE55F6740SSXXH
Samsung UE55F6740SSXZG Samsung UE55F6750SSXZG Samsung UE55F6755SBXXE Samsung UE55F6770SSXZG Samsung UE55F7000SLXXC
Samsung UE55F7000SLXXH Samsung UE55F7000SLXXN Samsung UE55F7000STXXH Samsung UE55F7000STXXU Samsung UE55F8000SLXTK
Samsung UE55F8000SLXXC Samsung UE55F8000SLXXN Samsung UE55F8000SLXZF Samsung UE55F8000STXXH Samsung UE55F8000STXXU
Samsung UE55F8005STXXE Samsung UE55F8580STXZG Samsung UE55F9000SLXXC Samsung UE55F9000SLXZF Samsung UE55F9000STXXU
Samsung UE55F9005STXXE Samsung UE55F9090SLXZG Samsung UE55JS8000TXZF Samsung UE55JS8500LXXH Samsung UE55JS8500LXXN
Samsung UE55JS8500TXXC Samsung UE55JS8500TXXU Samsung UE55JS8500TXZF Samsung UE55JS8500TXZT Samsung UE55JS8502TXXH
Samsung UE55JS9000LXXN Samsung UE55JS9000TXXC Samsung UE55JS9000TXZF Samsung UE55JS9080QXZG Samsung UE55JU6400KXXC
Samsung UE55JU6500
Samsung UE55JU6500
Samsung UE55JU6500KXZF Samsung UE55JU6510SXXH Samsung UE55JU6510UXXC Samsung UE55JU6510UXXU
Samsung UE55JU6510UXZF Samsung UE55JU6510UXZTSamsung UE55JU6515
Samsung UE55JU6515
Samsung UE55JU6515UXXESamsung UE55JU6550
Samsung UE55JU6550
Samsung UE55JU6550UXZG Samsung UE55JU6560UXZG Samsung UE55JU6570UXTK Samsung UE55JU6570UXZF Samsung UE55JU6575UXXE
Samsung UE55JU6580
Samsung UE55JU6580
Samsung UE55JU6580UXZG Samsung UE55JU6610UXTK Samsung UE55JU6640UXXC Samsung UE55JU6640UXXN
Samsung UE55JU6640UXZF Samsung UE55JU6640UXZG Samsung UE55JU6650SXXH Samsung UE55JU6652UXXHSamsung UE55JU6655
Samsung UE55JU6655
Samsung UE55JU6655UXXE Samsung UE55JU6670SXXH Samsung UE55JU6670SXXN Samsung UE55JU6675UXXE Samsung UE55JU6740UXXU
Samsung UE55JU6740UXZG Samsung UE55JU6742UXXH Samsung UE55JU6745UXXE Samsung UE55JU6750UXXN Samsung UE55JU7000LXXH
Samsung UE55JU7000TXXC Samsung UE55JU7000TXXU Samsung UE55JU7002TXXHSamsung UE55JU7005
Samsung UE55JU7005
Samsung UE55JU7005TXXE
Samsung UE55JU7090TXZG Samsung UE55JU7500LXXH Samsung UE55JU7500TXTK Samsung UE55JU7500TXXC Samsung UE55JU7500TXXU
Samsung UE55JU7500TXZF Samsung UE55JU7500TXZT Samsung UE55JU7500UXUZ Samsung UE55JU7502TXXHSamsung UE55JU7505
Samsung UE55JU7505
Samsung UE55JU7505TXXE Samsung UE55JU7580TXZG Samsung UE55JU7590TXZG Samsung UE55K6300AKXXC Samsung UE55K6370SSXXH
Samsung UE55K6370SUXZF Samsung UE55K6370SUXZG Samsung UE55K6379SUXZGSamsung UE55KS7000
Samsung UE55KS7000
Samsung UE55KS7000SXXH
Samsung UE55KS7000SXXN Samsung UE55KS7000UXXC Samsung UE55KS7000UXXU Samsung UE55KS7000UXZF Samsung UE55KS7000UXZT
Samsung UE55KS7002UXXH Samsung UE55KS7080UXZG Samsung UE55KS7090UXZGSamsung UE55KS7500
Samsung UE55KS7500
Samsung UE55KS7500SXXH
Samsung UE55KS7500SXXN Samsung UE55KS7500UXRU Samsung UE55KS7500UXUA Samsung UE55KS7500UXXC Samsung UE55KS7500UXXU
Samsung UE55KS7500UXZT Samsung UE55KS7580UXZG Samsung UE55KS7590UXZGSamsung UE55KS8000
Samsung UE55KS8000
Samsung UE55KS8000LXXN
Samsung UE55KS8000TXXC Samsung UE55KS8000TXXU Samsung UE55KS8000TXZF Samsung UE55KS8000UXRU Samsung UE55KS8000UXUA
Samsung UE55KS8005
Samsung UE55KS8005
Samsung UE55KS8005TXXE Samsung UE55KS8080TXZG Samsung UE55KS8090TXZGSamsung UE55KS9000
Samsung UE55KS9000
Samsung UE55KS9000LXXH Samsung UE55KS9000LXXN Samsung UE55KS9000TXXC Samsung UE55KS9000TXXU Samsung UE55KS9000TXZF
Samsung UE55KS9000TXZT Samsung UE55KS9000UXRU Samsung UE55KS9080TXZG Samsung UE55KS9090TXZG Samsung UE55KU6000UXRU
Samsung UE55KU6400
Samsung UE55KU6400
Samsung UE55KU6400UXZG Samsung UE55KU6405UXXE Samsung UE55KU6409UXZGSamsung UE55KU6450
Samsung UE55KU6450
Samsung UE55KU6450UXZG Samsung UE55KU6455UXXE Samsung UE55KU6459UXZG Samsung UE55KU6470UXZG Samsung UE55KU6470UXZT
Samsung UE55KU6479UXZGSamsung UE55KU6500
Samsung UE55KU6500
Samsung UE55KU6500UXZG Samsung UE55KU6509UXZG Samsung UE55KU6510SXXN
Samsung UE55KU6510UXXU Samsung UE55KU6510UXZF Samsung UE55KU6510UXZG Samsung UE55KU6510UXZT Samsung UE55KU6515UXXE
Samsung UE55KU6519UXZGSamsung UE55KU6640
Samsung UE55KU6640
Samsung UE55KU6640UXZG Samsung UE55KU6649UXZG Samsung UE55KU6650SXXN
Samsung UE55KU6650UXZG Samsung UE55KU6659UXZG Samsung UE55KU6670U Samsung UE55KU6670UXXC Samsung UE55KU6670UXZF
Samsung UE55KU6670UXZG Samsung UE55KU7350U (UE55KU7350UXMI) Samsung UE55LS003ASXXN Samsung UE55LS003AU (UE55LS003AUXXH) Samsung UE55LS003AUXXC
Samsung UE55LS003AUXXU Samsung UE55LS003AUXZG Samsung UE55LS003AUXZT Samsung UE55M5500AWXXN Samsung UE55M5510AK (UE55M5510AKXXU)
Samsung UE55M5510AW (UE55M5510AWXXN) Samsung UE55M5580AU (UE55M5580AUXZG) Samsung UE55M5582AU (UE55M5582AUXXH) Samsung UE55M5600AKXXU Samsung UE55M5602AK (UE55M5602AKXXH)
Samsung UE55M5605AKXXC Samsung UE55M5672AU (UE55M5672AUXXH) Samsung UE55M6305AKXXC Samsung UE55MU6100KXXU Samsung UE55MU6100KXZT
Samsung UE55MU6100W (UE55MU6100WXXN) Samsung UE55MU6102KXXH Samsung UE55MU6105KXXC Samsung UE55MU6170UXZG Samsung UE55MU6172U (UE55MU6172UXXH)
Samsung UE55MU6200WXXN Samsung UE55MU6202K (UE55MU6202KXXH) Samsung UE55MU6270UXZG Samsung UE55MU6275UXXC Samsung UE55MU6400S (UE55MU6400SXXN)
Samsung UE55MU6400U (UE55MU6400UXZG) Samsung UE55MU6400UXXU Samsung UE55MU6400UXZT Samsung UE55MU6405U Samsung UE55MU6409UXZG
Samsung UE55MU6440S (UE55MU6440SXXN) Samsung UE55MU6440U (UE55MU6440UXZG) Samsung UE55MU6445U (UE55MU6445UXXC) Samsung UE55MU6449U (UE55MU6449UXZG) Samsung UE55MU6450S (UE55MU6450SXXN)
Samsung UE55MU6450U (UE55MU6450UXZT) Samsung UE55MU6452U (UE55MU6452UXXH) Samsung UE55MU6459U (UE55MU6459UXZG) Samsung UE55MU6470S (UE55MU6470SXXN) Samsung UE55MU6470U (UE55MU6470UXXU)
Samsung UE55MU6470U (UE55MU6470UXZG) Samsung UE55MU6475UXXC Samsung UE55MU6500SXXN Samsung UE55MU6500UXXU Samsung UE55MU6500UXZG
Samsung UE55MU6500UXZT Samsung UE55MU6502UXXH Samsung UE55MU6509UXZG Samsung UE55MU6640SXXN Samsung UE55MU6652U (UE55MU6652UXXH)
Samsung UE55MU6675UXXC Samsung UE55MU7000LXXN Samsung UE55MU7000TXZG Samsung UE55MU7000U (UE55MU7000UXMI) Samsung UE55MU7000U (UE55MU7000UXTK)
Samsung UE55MU7000UXSQ Samsung UE55MU7002TXXHSamsung UE55MU7005
Samsung UE55MU7005
Samsung UE55MU7040T (UE55MU7040TXZG) Samsung UE55MU7042T (UE55MU7042TXXH)
Samsung UE55MU7045TXXC Samsung UE55MU7059T (UE55MU7059TXZG) Samsung UE55MU7072T (UE55MU7072TXXH) Samsung UE55MU7079T (UE55MU7079TXZG) Samsung UE55MU8000LXXN
Samsung UE55MU8000TXZG Samsung UE55MU9000L (UE55MU9000LXXN) Samsung UE55MU9005TXXC Samsung UE55MU9009T (UE55MU9009TXZG) Samsung UE55NU7400UXXU
Samsung UE55NU7400UXZT Samsung UE55NU7445UXXC Samsung UE55NU7455UXXC Samsung UE55NU7459UXZG Samsung UE55NU7475UXXC
Samsung UE55NU7479UXZG Samsung UE55NU7500UXXU Samsung UE55NU7655UXXC Samsung UE55NU8000L (UE55NU8000LXXN) Samsung UE55NU8000TXXU
Samsung UE55NU8005TXXC Samsung UE55NU8042TXXH Samsung UE55NU8049TXZG Samsung UE55NU8059TXZG Samsung UE55NU8075TXXC
Samsung UE55NU8079TXZG Samsung UE55RU7400UXZT Samsung UE55RU7440SXXN Samsung UE55RU7445UXXC Samsung UE55RU7459UXZG
Samsung UE55RU7470UXXU Samsung UE55RU7475UXXC Samsung UE55TU7170UXZG Samsung UE55TU8005K (UE55TU8005KXXC) Samsung UE55TU8500UXZT
Samsung UE55TU8507UXXU Samsung UE60F7000SLXXN Samsung UE60KS7080UXZG Samsung UE65F8000SLXXN Samsung UE65F8000SLXZF
Samsung UE65F8080ST (UE65F8080STXZG) Samsung UE65F9000SLXTK Samsung UE65F9000SLXXC Samsung UE65F9000SLXXH Samsung UE65F9000SLXXN
Samsung UE65F9000SLXZF Samsung UE65F9000STXXU Samsung UE65F9005STXXE Samsung UE65F9090SLXZGSamsung UE65JS8500
Samsung UE65JS8500
Samsung UE65JS8500TXXC Samsung UE65JS8500TXZT Samsung UE65JS8502TXXH Samsung UE65JS8505TXXE Samsung UE65JS9000TXXC
Samsung UE65JS9002TXXHSamsung UE65JS9005
Samsung UE65JS9005
Samsung UE65JS9005QXXE Samsung UE65JS9080QXZG Samsung UE65JS9090QXZG
Samsung UE65JS9500TXZF Samsung UE65JS9500TXZT Samsung UE65JS9502TXXHSamsung UE65JS9505
Samsung UE65JS9505
Samsung UE65JS9505QXXE
Samsung UE65JS9590QXZGSamsung UE65JU6500
Samsung UE65JU6500
Samsung UE65JU6550
Samsung UE65JU6550
Samsung UE65JU6550UXZG Samsung UE65JU6560UXZG
Samsung UE65JU6570UXZF Samsung UE65JU6570UXZG Samsung UE65JU6572UXXH Samsung UE65JU6575UXXE Samsung UE65JU7000LXXH
Samsung UE65JU7000TXZF Samsung UE65JU7002TXXHSamsung UE65JU7005
Samsung UE65JU7005
Samsung UE65JU7005TXXE Samsung UE65JU7080TXZG
Samsung UE65JU7090TXZG Samsung UE65JU7500LXXH Samsung UE65JU7500TXXC Samsung UE65JU7500U (UE65JU7500UXMS) Samsung UE65JU7500UXUZ
Samsung UE65JU7580TXZG Samsung UE65KS7000SXXHSamsung UE65KS7005
Samsung UE65KS7005
Samsung UE65KS7005U (UE65KS7005UXXE) Samsung UE65KS7080UXZG
Samsung UE65KS7500
Samsung UE65KS7500
Samsung UE65KS7500SXXH Samsung UE65KS7500UXRU Samsung UE65KS7500UXXC Samsung UE65KS7500UXZF
Samsung UE65KS7500UXZTSamsung UE65KS7505
Samsung UE65KS7505
Samsung UE65KS7580UXZG Samsung UE65KS7590UXZGSamsung UE65KS8000
Samsung UE65KS8000
Samsung UE65KS8000TXXC Samsung UE65KS8002TXXH Samsung UE65KS8080TXZG Samsung UE65KS8090TXZGSamsung UE65KS9000
Samsung UE65KS9000
Samsung UE65KS9000LXXH Samsung UE65KS9000LXXN Samsung UE65KS9000TXXC Samsung UE65KS9000TXXU Samsung UE65KS9000TXZF
Samsung UE65KS9000TXZT Samsung UE65KS9000UXRU Samsung UE65KS9090TXZGSamsung UE65KS9500
Samsung UE65KS9500
Samsung UE65KS9590T (UE65KS9590TXZG)
Samsung UE65KU6400SXXN Samsung UE65KU6400UXXU Samsung UE65KU6400UXZG Samsung UE65KU6402U (UE65KU6402UXXH) Samsung UE65KU6409U (UE65KU6409UXZG)
Samsung UE65KU6500
Samsung UE65KU6500
Samsung UE65KU6500UXZG Samsung UE65KU6509UXZG Samsung UE65KU6689U (UE65KU6689UXZG) Samsung UE65LS003ASXXN
Samsung UE65LS003AU (UE65LS003AUXSQ) Samsung UE65LS003AUXXU Samsung UE65LS003AUXZT Samsung UE65MU6100KXXU Samsung UE65MU6100KXZT
Samsung UE65MU6100W (UE65MU6100WXXN) Samsung UE65MU6102KXXH Samsung UE65MU6105K (UE65MU6105KXXC) Samsung UE65MU6170UXZG Samsung UE65MU6179UXZG
Samsung UE65MU6200KXXU Samsung UE65MU6200KXZT Samsung UE65MU6202K (UE65MU6202KXXH) Samsung UE65MU6205KXXC Samsung UE65MU6272U (UE65MU6272UXXH)
Samsung UE65MU6400UXZG Samsung UE65MU6400UXZT Samsung UE65MU6440U (UE65MU6440UXZG) Samsung UE65MU6450U (UE65MU6450UXZG) Samsung UE65MU6450U (UE65MU6450UXZT)
Samsung UE65MU6459U (UE65MU6459UXZG) Samsung UE65MU6470U (UE65MU6470UXXU) Samsung UE65MU6470U (UE65MU6470UXZG) Samsung UE65MU6500SXXN Samsung UE65MU6500UXZG
Samsung UE65MU6500UXZT Samsung UE65MU6509UXZG Samsung UE65MU6670U (UE65MU6670UXXU) Samsung UE65MU7042T (UE65MU7042TXXH) Samsung UE65MU7050T (UE65MU7050TXZG)
Samsung UE65MU7072T (UE65MU7072TXXH) Samsung UE65MU7079T (UE65MU7079TXZG) Samsung UE65MU7350U (UE65MU7350UXMI) Samsung UE65MU7500U (UE65MU7500UXMI) Samsung UE65MU8000T (UE65MU8000TXMI)
Samsung UE65MU8009TXZG Samsung UE65MU9000LXXN Samsung UE65MU9000TXZG Samsung UE65MU9009TXZG Samsung UE65NU7405UXXC
Samsung UE65NU7475UXXC Samsung UE65NU7479UXZG Samsung UE65NU7642UXXH Samsung UE65NU7645UXXCSamsung UE65NU7655
Samsung UE65NU7655
Samsung UE65NU7655UXXC Samsung UE65NU7672UXXH Samsung UE65NU8000T (UE65NU8000TXZT)Samsung UE65NU8005
Samsung UE65NU8005
Samsung UE65NU8040TXZG
Samsung UE65NU8045TXXC Samsung UE65NU8049TXZG Samsung UE65NU8059TXZG Samsung UE65RU7445UXXC Samsung UE65RU7459U (UE65RU7459UXZG)
Samsung UE65RU7470UXXU Samsung UE65RU7472U (UE65RU7472UXXH) Samsung UE65RU7475U (UE65RU7475UXXC) Samsung UE65TU8002KXXH Samsung UE65TU8005KXXC
Samsung UE65TU8070UXZG Samsung UE65TU8505UXXC Samsung UE75F8000SLXTK Samsung UE75F8000SLXXC Samsung UE75JU7000LXXH
Samsung UE75JU7000TXTK Samsung UE75JU7000TXZF Samsung UE75JU7000TXZT Samsung UE75JU7002TXXHSamsung UE75JU7005
Samsung UE75JU7005
Samsung UE75JU7005TXXE Samsung UE75JU7080TXZG Samsung UE75JU7090TXZGSamsung UE75KS8000
Samsung UE75KS8000
Samsung UE75KS8000LXXN
Samsung UE75KS8090T (UE75KS8090TXZG) Samsung UE75MU6100K (UE75MU6100KXXU) Samsung UE75MU6102KXXH Samsung UE75MU6105KXXCSamsung UE75MU6175
Samsung UE75MU6175
Samsung UE75MU6175UXXC Samsung UE75MU6179U (UE75MU6179UXZG) Samsung UE75MU7000L (UE75MU7000LXXN) Samsung UE75MU7000T (UE75MU7000TXZT) Samsung UE75MU7000TXZG
Samsung UE75MU7000U (UE75MU7000UXTK) Samsung UE75MU7002TXXH Samsung UE75MU7005TXXC Samsung UE75MU7009TXZG Samsung UE75MU8000LXXN
Samsung UE75MU8000TXTK Samsung UE75MU8000TXXU Samsung UE75MU8005T (UE75MU8005TXXC)Samsung UE75NU8005
Samsung UE75NU8005
Samsung UE78JS9500LXXH
Samsung UE78JS9502TXXH Samsung UE78JS9580QXZG Samsung UE78JS9590QXZG Samsung UE78JU7500TXZF Samsung UE78JU7580TXZG
Samsung UE78KS9090T (UE78KS9090TXZG)Samsung UE78KS9500
Samsung UE78KS9500
Samsung UE78KS9590T (UE78KS9590TXZG) Samsung UE78KU6500UXZG Samsung UE78KU6509U (UE78KU6509UXZG)
Samsung UE82MU7000T (UE82MU7000TXXU) Samsung UE82MU7000TXZG Samsung UE82MU7005TXXC Samsung UE82MU8000TXTK Samsung UE82S9WATXXC
Samsung UE85JU7090T (UE85JU7090TXZG) Samsung UE85S9SLXXC Samsung UE85S9STXXUSamsung UE88JS9505
Samsung UE88JS9505
Samsung UE88JS9505QXXE
Samsung UE88KS9890T (UE88KS9890TXZG) Samsung UN40JU7100FXZA Samsung UN55KS7500FXZX Samsung UN55KU6290F Samsung UN55KU6290FXZA
Samsung UN55MU6100GXPE Samsung UN65KU6290F Samsung UN65KU6290FXZA Samsung UN65LS003AF (UN65LS003AFXZA) Samsung Ue49mu6405
This remote control performs all the functions of the original remote control:
Power, Voice, 123, [+], Play/Pause, Back, Home, WWW, Disney+, prime video, Netflix, Up, Down, Right, Left, OK, Vol+, Vol-CH+, , CH-, Mute, Guide

It uses 2 batteries of the type AAA

1.5V alcaline batteries AAA LR03, used in a great majority of remote controls.

The remote control is packaged along with batteries (if ordered) in a bubble envelope for more protection. Shipping is done quickly and safely, ensuring, as far as possible, the delivery deadline. The invoice will be sent by email.
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Frequently asked questions
Does the equivalent remote control include the pointer function?
The pointer function is not included as it is a bluetooth function, but navigation can be done using the arrows.
Can I use the remote control for other devices?
The remote control can be used for other devices, but first it has to be reprogrammed for thouse devices. Once it has been sent, to reprogram it, you need a special program and cable.
How can I know which keys of the replacement remote control perform the functions of the original remote?
When we send the remote control, we also send a document with the correspondence of the keys between the replacement and the original remote controls which allows you to know how to perform the functions of the original remote. Sometimes it is available on the web so you can download it.

What is the Shift key on the replacement remote used for?
The Shift key allows you to double the number of functions that the replacement remote control can perform. For example, pressing Shift followed by the Power key (Shift + Power) performs a different function than when you press the Power key directly.
Not all the remotes need to use the Shift key, only those that due to their large number of keys can not execute all the functions with direct keys.
Does this remote control perform all the functions of the original remote?
Yes, the replacement remote performs all the functions. If you see the keymap (instructions on the remote control) you can check that all the functions are present.
Does this remote control perform all the functions of the original remote?
Yes, the replacement remote performs all the functions, even when the original remote controls several devices. In the replacement remote we can program the fields of different devices (TV, DVD, SAT and AUX), this way we can include all the functions of the original remote control. If you see the keymap (instructions on the remote control) you can check that all the functions are present.
If I buy the remote, do I have to do something else or it directly works without entering any code?
The remote will work by just putting the batteries on.
Customer reviews
March 2020
The product is quite good and functional but the delivery took a long time ...
November 2022
Thanks a Lot,Works Perfectly
United Kingdom
Fast and great communication all the way !! The product works fine ! Thanks !!!
October 2022
Excellent service, quick delivery and my new remote works exactly as specified
United Kingdom
June 2022
2 June 2002 Received the remote for my Sony amplifier this morning. Inserted batteries - works fine, no problems. Neil. New Zealand
New Zealand
January 2022
Very good service
May 2022
Thank you for the fast and correct delivery within the specified time. The remote for my deck TEAC V 5010 works with it and I am very pleased! Your team is great. I wish you success! Greetings from Bulgaria! Chavdar
March 2021
Thanks you that you push up. Today i received that And working. Thanks! Greetings from Lapland.
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