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In our online store, we offer our customers a wide range of options for remote controls for the latest generation of appliances from many different brands. We are constantly expanding our catalog of remote controls, adding more products every day to ensure that we can provide remote controls for as many models as possible.

This way, we are able to meet the wide range of needs and requests of our customers, constantly offering them the latest technological innovations and providing them with access to the largest number of compatible appliances with the remote controls that we offer in our business.

Original remote controls

Original remote control DENON RC-1219 (30701024100AS)Original remote control DENON RC-1219 (30701024100AS)Available in stock54.14 € (VAT included)DenonFor AV Receiver AVR-X4400H, AVR-X6400H, AVR-X4500H, AVR-X6500H, AVC-X6500HOriginal remote control REFLEXION LED167 (780-01030C)Original remote control REFLEXION LED167 (780-01030C)Available in stock32.93 € (VAT included)REFLEXIONFor Televisions LEDW19, GTV1642, CVGTV1642012018XXXX, LEDW22, CVLEDW22012017XXXX, LEDW24, CVLEDW24062017XXXX, CVLEDW19012017XXXX, LED16, ...Original remote control LG MR23GA (AKB76043103)Original remote control LG MR23GA (AKB76043103)Available in stock71.15 € (VAT included)LGFor Televisions OLED42C37LA.AVS, OLED77G36LA.AEU, OLED65G36LA.DEUQLJP, 86QNED816RE.AEU, OLED55C37LA.AEU, OLED65C37LA.AVS, 65UR73006LA.AEU, ...Original remote control SAMSUNG BN59-01391BOriginal remote control SAMSUNG BN59-01391BAvailable in stock61.08 € (VAT included)SamsungFor Televisions QE55LS01BBU (QE55LS01BBUXXN), GQ65LS03BAUXZG, GQ85LS03BAUXZG, GQ55LS03BAUXZG, QE50LS01BAU (QE50LS01BAUXXC), QE55LS03BAUXXN, ...Original remote control DH-1528 (Blau001)Original remote control DH-1528 (Blau001)Available in stock26.86 € (VAT included)For Televisions 40/122-6B-5B FHKUP-EU, B39SE210HK (39 / 210U-GB-3B2-FHBKUP-EU), BLA40/122N, B23SE157HK, BA23Q157, 32/147I-GB-5B-HBCDUP, ...Original remote control MHS187R (759551858000)Original remote control MHS187R (759551858000)Available in stock27.64 € (VAT included)For Televisions VISION2 19-2940TDVD, 48 VLE 4421 WF, 40 VLE 6142 C, 32 VLE 4149 C, 32 VLE 4140 C, 32VLC6121C, 32 VLE 6142 C, 19VLE2000T, ...Original remote control RC5118 (30090680)Original remote control RC5118 (30090680)Available in stock17.77 € (VAT included)For Televisions LED50FHD175WIFI, DL43F577S4CWI, CELED55B3, DLED32167HDCNTD, DLED40125FHDCNTD, LUX0150002B/01, 10089592 (42HZC66T3D), ...Original remote control MARANTZ RC031SR (30701023100AS)Original remote control MARANTZ RC031SR (30701023100AS)Available in stock76.76 € (VAT included)MarantzFor AV Receiver SR7011, SR7009, SR7010Original remote control YAMAHA RAV363 (WH254400)Original remote control YAMAHA RAV363 (WH254400)Available in stock86.88 € (VAT included)YamahaFor RXV2700Original remote control PHILIPS YKF474-B001 (996592003190)Original remote control PHILIPS YKF474-B001 (996592003190)Available in stock43.86 € (VAT included)PhilipsFor Televisions 43PUS8545/12, 70PUS8505/12, 75PUS8505/12, 65PUS8505/12, 50PUS8545/12, 58PUS8505/12, 43PUS850512, 65OLED705/12, 50PUS8505/12, ...Original remote control DENON RC-1240 (30701027700AS)Original remote control DENON RC-1240 (30701027700AS)Available in stock35.34 € (VAT included)DenonFor AVR-X6700H, AVC-X6700H, AVR-X4700H, AVC-X4700HOriginal remote control N2QAYB000487Original remote control N2QAYB000487Available in stock74.40 € (VAT included)For Televisions TX-L 19 C 20 E, TX-P 42 X 20 E, N2QAYB000487, TX-L 32 S 20 E, TX-L 32 S 20 ES, TH-42 PX 60 EH, TX-32LED7FM, EUR7651120, ...Original remote control RC3000E03 (06-IRPT37-ARC300)Original remote control RC3000E03 (06-IRPT37-ARC300)Available in stock31.35 € (VAT included)For Televisions F50S3803, H32E4463, H32E4415, L32E4363, L26E4153, H24E4443, 32FS3003S, L19E4143, H32E4435, L32E4383, H24E4453, L28E4333, ...Original remote control LG MR20GA (AKB75855505)Original remote control LG MR20GA (AKB75855505)Available in stock38.24 € (VAT included)LGFor Televisions OLED55B8LLA, OLED55B8SLC, 65SK8100, OLED77W8, 49SK8500LLA, OLED65C8, 55SK8500, 55UK6200PLA, 75UK6200PLB, 49SK8500, OLED65W8, ...Original remote control CLASSIC Smart Easy 1 Learning (IRC84007)Original remote control CLASSIC Smart Easy 1 Learning (IRC84007)Available in stock20.58 € (VAT included)CLASSICOriginal remote control SONY RMT-TX 102 D (149296511)Original remote control SONY RMT-TX 102 D (149296511)Not available(see available equivalences)SonyFor Televisions KDL-48R550C, Bravia (KDL-32R503C), Bravia (KDL-32R505C), KDL-40R555C, Bravia (KDL-48R555C), Bravia (KDL-40R550C), ...Original remote control DENON RC-1244 (943307102360S)Original remote control DENON RC-1244 (943307102360S)Available in stock34.26 € (VAT included)DenonFor AVR-X1700H DAB, AVR-S760H, AVR-X1700HOriginal remote control HISENSE ERF3AA90H (T314315)Original remote control HISENSE ERF3AA90H (T314315)Available in stock22.77 € (VAT included)HisenseFor Televisions PX1-PRO (PX1G), A2215Z2 (PX1-PRO)Original remote control RC 1173 (943307101180D)Original remote control RC 1173 (943307101180D)Available in stock52.20 € (VAT included)For DCD-520AE, PMA-520A, PMA-720AE, DCD-720AE, PMA720AE, PMA520AE

Universal remote controls

Original remote controls

Customer reviews
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date:May 2024
My order was treated very fast. The item was prepared and handed over to carrier in couple of minutes. I am really impressed by Mandis-shop profesionalism. The Mandis remote control works perfectly fine. I can now replace my 20 years old Sony RM-SS880, which hardly work. Gracias !
_ _ _ _ _
date:February 2024
I would just like to say I returned my remote to you last Thursday and it is now Tuesday and I have just received it and it is working perfectly. I would like to thank you very much.
_ _ _ _ _
date:January 2024
Good value for money and quick service
_ _ _ _ _
date:January 2024
Parfait,la télécommande fournie fonctionne à merveille avec mon enregistreur DVD Sony RDR-HXD990. Je suis entièrement satisfait
_ _ _ _ _
date: 2023
Very pleased with the new remote for my Panasonic DVD. Arrived well packaged and worked immediately. Very satisfactory service, thank you.
United Kingdom
_ _ _ _ _
date: 2023
De remote control werkt uitstekend
_ _ _ _ _
date:November 2023
I purchased a replacement remote for a JVC RV-NB20W kaboombox and the remote works great, all functions work as intended. Only took about a week to deliver to Pennsylvania, USA.
United States
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