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Remote control for TP3 for Televisions


Remote control for TP3

Reference: TP3
Not available

Replacement remote controls

Replacement remote controls that replace in all its functions the remote TP3:


remote control TP3 used for televisions 26 VLE 7101 BF, 26 VLE 7100 BF, 720117144800, 32VLC6121C, 40 VLE 7131 BF, 32 VLC 3100 C for the brands AQP, Grundig, Minerva.


This remote is used for the following brands: AQP, Grundig, Minerva
The remote control is carefully shipped protected in a special packaging along with the necessary batteries (if requested). The shipment is fast and secure, ensuring that it arrives at your hands within the indicated delivery time. Additionally, you will receive the convenience of having your invoice sent directly to your email. Your shopping experience will be impeccable from the very beginning!

Some of the models that use this remote are

AQP VISION 6 32-6940 T AQP VISION 9 32-9970 T Grundig 26 VLC 4102 T2 Grundig 26 VLC 9140 SGrundig 26 VLE 7100 BF
Grundig 26 VLE 7100 BF
Grundig 26 VLE 7101 BF Grundig 26-3941T Grundig 26VLC9140S-OLD Grundig 32 VLC 3100 C Grundig 32 VLC 6123 T2-TP 3
Grundig 32 VLC 6123 T2-TP 3 (AMP) Grundig 32 VLE 3000 C Grundig 32 VLE 4041 C Grundig 32 VLE 4140 C Grundig 32 VLE 4140 C-TP3
Grundig 32 VLE 6041 C Grundig 32 VLE 6141 C Grundig 32 VLE 6142 C Grundig 32 VLE 7040 C Grundig 32 VLE 7130 BF
Grundig 32 VLE 7131 BF Grundig 32 VLE 8040 C Grundig 32 VLE 8130 SL-TP3 Grundig 32-2010 T/C SILBER Grundig 32-3941 T VISION 3
Grundig 32-8050T / C Grundig 32-9071T / C Grundig 32VLC6120C Grundig 32VLC6121C Grundig 32VLC7020C
Grundig 32VLC9140S Grundig 32VLE7130BF Grundig 32VLE7130WM Grundig 32VLE7131BF Grundig 32VLE7150C
Grundig 32VLE8040C Grundig 32VLE8042S Grundig 32VLE8046C Grundig 32VLE811S-DL Grundig 32VLE8180S
Grundig 37 VLC 6010 C Grundig 37-2010 T/C SILBER Grundig 37VLC6020C Grundig 37VLC6110C Grundig 37VLC7020C
Grundig 37VLC7020T Grundig 40 VLE 6142 C Grundig 40 VLE 6144 C Grundig 40 VLE 7020 C Grundig 40 VLE 7040 C
Grundig 40 VLE 7130 BF Grundig 40 VLE 7131 BF Grundig 40 VLE 7140 C Grundig 40 VLE 8042 S Grundig 40 VLE 8046 C
Grundig 40 VLE 8130 BG Grundig 40VLE2020S Grundig 40VLE6140C Grundig 40VLE6142C Grundig 40VLE7130BM
Grundig 40VLE8040C Grundig 40VLE8042C Grundig 40VLE8120BG Grundig 40VLE8142S-DL Grundig 42 VLC 4021 C
Grundig 42 VLC 6121 C Grundig 42 VLC 9142 T2 Grundig 42 VLC 9142 T2 (AMP) Grundig 42 VLC 9142 T2-TP3 Grundig 42-6950T
Grundig 42VLC4020C Grundig 42VLC6020C Grundig 42VLC7020C Grundig 46 VLE 7130 BF-TP3 Grundig 720117144800
Grundig 720117225900 Grundig FINE ARTS 32 S DL BLACK Grundig FINE ARTS 40 S DLNA SILVER Grundig FINE ARTS 40 S SILVER Grundig FINE ARTS 46 S DLNA SILVER
Grundig FINEARTS46SILBER Grundig HAMBURG 26 VLC 8100 S (26 VLC 8100 S) Grundig HAMBURG 32 VLC 8041 S (32 VLC 8041 S) Grundig HAMBURG 32 VLC 8140 S Grundig HAMBURG 32-8950T/CN (32-8950T/CN)
Grundig HAMBURG 37 VLC 8140 S Grundig RC 2134602 / 01 Grundig ROM (26 CLE 8100 BG) Grundig ROM (32 VLE 8162 S DLNA) Grundig ROM (32 VLE 8163 SDL)
Grundig TORONTO (37-7950T/C) Grundig TORONTO (42-7950T/C) Grundig VISION 3 32-3941 T Grundig VISION 6 37-6951 T Grundig VISION 7 32-7950 T (32-7950 T)
Grundig VISION 9 32-9970 T/C (32-9970T / C) Grundig VISION3 (32-3941T) Grundig VISION932-9970T Minerva 32 VLE 8140 S-DL-TP3 Minerva VISION 9 32-9970 T

It uses 2 batteries of the type AAA

1.5V alcaline batteries AAA LR03, used in a great majority of remote controls.

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Customer reviews
_ _ _ _ _
date:August 2023
Thank you! What an amazing company, You made my day..Thank you for your recent mail informing me my order is on the way. Kind regards
_ _ _ _ _
date:August 2023
Works absolutely perfectly as soon as I put some abtteries on ! Now I can play my original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games on their original hardware once more ! I didn't know Mandis Shop existed, I will strongly recommend to some retro gamers I know who lost their old tv remotes !
_ _ _ _ _
date:August 2023
My LG air-conditioner's remote died and need replacement. AircoPlus did the job. I should point out that the code match did not correspond according to manufacturer's table. Let the auto-search code set up do the work. Also, excellent service by Mandis Remotes with a well-protected package.
_ _ _ _ _
date:June 2023
Gyors ügyintézés szállitás Másnak is ajánlom
_ _ _ _ _
date:June 2023
Very efficient fast service
United Kingdom
_ _ _ _ _
date:July 2023
Fantastic service. The remote control was dispatched super fast and arrived the next day. It includes batteries, instructions and works really well. Thank you!
_ _ _ _ _
date:May 2023
Worth the wait. The remote is fantastic and works as well as the original. Thank you for giving me the use of my amplifier back :-)
David Kelly,
United Kingdom
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