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Original remote control RC23 (720117145700) for Televisions


RC23 (720117145700) original remote control

Reference: RC23 (720117145700)
Other names: RC-AD1, RCAD1
Not available

Replacement remote controls

Replacement remote controls that replace in all its functions the remote RC23 (720117145700):

Replacement remote control for RC23 (720117145700)Replacement for RC23 (720117145700)27.50 € (VAT included)Remote control that meets every one of the functions of the original remote without exception


original remote control RC23 (720117145700) used for televisions 19VLE2000T, Vision2222930T VISION2-22-2930T, 720117145700, VISION216 2930T 2, 22 VLE 7120 BF, 26GLX3102C for the brands AQP, Beko, Grundig, Minerva, Prosonic, Schaub Lorenz. This is an original remote control.


This remote is used for the following brands: AQP, Beko, Grundig, Minerva, Prosonic, Schaub Lorenz
Make sure that your remote control exactly matches the image or the reference of the remote control shown here. If you have lost the original one, you may find a photo or drawing of the remote in the manual that you can compare to the photo shown here. If you are not sure, or you can't find your remote control, locate the brand and complete model number of the apparatus (you will usually find this on a label on the back of the device) and contact us so we can find a solution.

This remote is used for Televisions

Remote controls for all kinds of televisions (cathode-ray tube, TFT, Plasma, LCD or LED televisions) and all makes and models. We have the original remotes for every model of television, as well as the equivalents, which can replace the original.

Some of the models that use this remote are

AQP 19 VLE 2000 TC LCD TV AQP 22 VLE 8000 C
AQP LCD TV 19 VLE 2000 TC Beko B19T5CK1W
Beko B22T5CK2 Beko Motion 16-911 B
Grundig 19 GLX 2002 T BLACK Grundig 19 VLC 1105 T
Grundig 19 VLC 2001 C Grundig 19 VLC 2001 C LCD TV
Grundig 19 VLE 2000 TC Grundig 19 VLE 2101 T2
Grundig 19 VLE 2102 C Grundig 19-2010 T DVD BLACK
Grundig 19-2930 T Grundig 19LHD101 DVB-T
Grundig 19VLC2000T Grundig 19VLE2000C
Grundig 19VLE2000T Grundig 19VLE2101T2
Grundig 19VLE2102C Grundig 22 2010T C BLACK
Grundig 22 GLX 2001 T Grundig 22 VLC 2000 T
Grundig 22 VLC 2001 C Grundig 22 VLC 2001 C LCD TV
Grundig 22 VLC 2100 C Grundig 22 VLC 2103 C
Grundig 22 VLE 2000 C Grundig 22 VLE 2000 T
Grundig 22 VLE 2000 TC Grundig 22 VLE 2102 C
Grundig 22 VLE 2130 T Grundig 22 VLE 4000 C
Grundig 22 VLE 4100 T 2 Grundig 22 VLE 4421 BF
Grundig 22 VLE 5120 BF Grundig 22 VLE 6105 T
Grundig 22 VLE 6320 BF Grundig 22 VLE 7000 C
Grundig 22 VLE 7120 BF Grundig 22 VLE 7120 BM
Grundig 22 VLE 7120 WM Grundig 22 VLE 7150 C
Grundig 22 VLE 7151 C Grundig 22 VLE 7180 C
Grundig 22 VLE 7181 C Grundig 22 VLE 7220 BF
Grundig 22 VLE 7220 BM Grundig 22 VLE 7220 WM
Grundig 22 VLE 8000 C Grundig 22 VLE 8002 C
Grundig 22 VLE 8003 C Grundig 22 VLE 8102 C
Grundig 22 VLE 8103 C Grundig 22 VLE 811 C
Grundig 22 VLE 812 C Grundig 22 VLE 8120 BF
Grundig 22 VLE 8120 BG Grundig 22 VLE 8120 CF
Grundig 22 VLE 8120 CM Grundig 22 VLE 8120 WF
Grundig 22 VLE 8120 WG Grundig 22 VLE 822 S
Grundig 22 VLE 8220 BG Grundig 22 VLE 8220 SG
Grundig 22 VLE 8220 WG Grundig 22 VLE 8320 BF
Grundig 22 VLE 8320 BG Grundig 22 VLE 8320 SG
Grundig 22LHD111DVB-T Grundig 22VLE2000TC LCD TV
Grundig 22VLE2102C Grundig 22VLE5421
Grundig 22VLE7120 Grundig 22VLE801DVB-C
Grundig 22VLE8120 Grundig 26 VLC 4112 C
Grundig 26GLX3000T Grundig 26GLX3001T
Grundig 26GLX3102C
Grundig 26GLX3102C
Grundig 32 GLX 3000 C BLACK
Grundig 32 GLX 3000 T Grundig 32 GLX 3001 T
Grundig 32 GLX 3002 C Grundig 32 GLX 3002 C BLACK
Grundig 32 GLX 3002 T Grundig 32 GLX 3100 T2
Grundig 32 GLX 3101 T2 Grundig 32 GLX 3102 C
Grundig 32 VLC 4010 C Grundig 32 VLE 4301 BA
Grundig 32 VLE 4302 BF Grundig 32 VLE 4303 BF
Grundig 32 VLE 4304 BF Grundig 32 VLE 4322 BF
Grundig 32 VLE 4323 BF Grundig 32 VLE 4401 BF
Grundig 32GLX3001C BLACK Grundig 32LHD72DVB-T
Grundig 32VLC4010C Grundig 32VLE6730BP
Grundig 32XLC3220BA Grundig 40 VLE 4322 BF
Grundig 40 VLE 4421 BF Grundig 40VLE4324BF
Grundig 40VLE5421 Grundig 47 VLE 983 BH
Grundig 48 VLE 4421 WF Grundig 48VLE541WF
Grundig 720117145700 Grundig KRS000 (22 VLE 8220 WN)
Grundig LCD 19 VLE 2000 TC Grundig LCD 22 VLE 2000 TC
Grundig LCD TV19VLE2000TC Grundig LCD TV22VLE2000TC
Grundig LEEMAXX 19 HD / CR BO Grundig LEEMAXX 19 LED C
Grundig LEEMAXX 19 LED C / BA Grundig LEEMAXX 19 LED C/BR
Grundig LEEMAXX19WHITEGREEN Grundig ROM (22 CLE 8120 BF)
Grundig ROM (22 CLE 8325 BG) Grundig ROM 22 CLE 8225 BG
Grundig VISION 2 19-2930 T Grundig VISION 2 22-2830 T
Grundig VISION 2 22-2930 T Grundig VISION 2 22-2941 T/C GLOSSY BL (22-2941 T/C GLOSSY BLACK)
Grundig VISION 7 22 VLE 7000 C Grundig VISION2 19-2940T
Grundig VISION2 19-2940TDVD Grundig VISION2 22-2940T
Grundig VISION216 2930T 2 Grundig VISION222-2930TDVD
Grundig Vision2222930T (VISION2-22-2930T) Minerva 19 VLE 2000 TC LCD TV
Minerva LCD TV 19 VLE 2000 TC Prosonic 19T5CS3B6MWEE460H6A62114BRC 19CS6
Schaub Lorenz LT 22-311 DSB
This remote control has the following buttons:
Power, Mute, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0/FAV, 16:9, [O]/Repeat, Vol+, Vol-, P+, P-, Input, EPG/?/A-B, Up, Left, Down, Right, Q/Double, M, ←, i, Red / Play/Pause, Green / <<, Yellow / Stop, Blue / >>, TXT / I<<, [R] / >>I, [...], Audio, OK

It uses 2 batteries of the type AAA

1.5V alcaline batteries AAA LR03, used in a great majority of remote controls.

The remote control is packaged along with batteries (if ordered) in a bubble envelope for more protection. Shipping is done quickly and safely, ensuring, as far as possible, the delivery deadline. The invoice will be sent by email.
Customer reviews
September 2022
This is the place! Got my remote quickly!
United States
Excellent product and service. Took a little longer to arrive than anticipated but that's par for the course with everything. I ordered a replacement remote for an Axil receiver and all I had to do was put fresh batteries in - it worked perfectly straight out of the box.
July 2021
Bravissimi, arrivato in brevissimo tempo, giĆ  pronto all'uso, servizio Ottimo!
Just received confirmation that our order has been dispatched and ready for shipping. Cannot provide any other feedback at this time until receipt and trying out the product.
United States
January 2022
My remote was delivered in 2 weeks to my UK address and works great on the TEAC cassette deck I ordered it for. I'd definitely use MANDIS again if I need a custom remote control .
United Kingdom
October 2021
Easy to order and good that a mapping document between the remotes is also sent. Wish I had found this site a year or so back when the remote first stopped working.
October 2022
Excellent replacement Remote Control, works very well, thank you.
June 2022
2 June 2002 Received the remote for my Sony amplifier this morning. Inserted batteries - works fine, no problems. Neil. New Zealand
New Zealand
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